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Monday April 12nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Leaked video reveals a GOP plan to intimidate Black and brown voters in Houston

Although Trump may no longer be president, the Republican Party and his followers are still continuing with his crusade.

Today's Jim Crow Republicans have mated white supremacy and neofascism, in search of creating something like Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin's "managed democracy."

The result is a horrible mixture of right-wing racial authoritarianism and anti-democratic fervor.

This group of Republican operatives will be sent into predominantly Black and brown communities to engage in de facto acts of voter intimidation and harassment under the pretext of stopping "voter fraud.".

This "Election Integrity Brigade" will be a permanent group, not just a list of volunteers called out during election season.

Siegel also called Common Cause "a radical leftist group that is blatantly mischaracterizing a grassroots election worker recruitment video in a shameful effort to bully and intimidate Republicans.".

President Biden has contributed to the confusion by describing Georgia's vote suppression as akin to, or even worse than, Jim Crow. »

The impact of COVID-19-related changes in media consumption on public knowledge: results of a cross-sectional survey of Pennsylvania adults

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Those who used Facebook as an additional source of news in any way were less likely to answer COVID-19 questions correctly than those who did not (OR 0.93, p < .05).

Respondents were grouped by their trusted news sources and comparison of respondent COVID-19 knowledge was made between these groups for 5948 respondents.

This study investigates the relationship between most trusted information source and COVID-19 knowledge. »

How Finland Rebranded Itself as a Literary Country

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Around the time of the global recession, the Finns set out as a nation to find the “next Nokia.”

Anything and everything could be the next Nokia, we said, so long as we figure out how to brand it.

Finnish writers receive library royalties—they are almost as much per borrowed book as the royalty for each paperback sold. »

Erdogan refuses to recognize Crimea as Russian and supports Ukraine joining NATO

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Erdogan refuses to recognize Crimea as Russian and supports Ukraine joining NATO Sunday, April 11, 2021 10:07:00 AM.

We reaffirmed our principled decision not to recognize the annexation of Crimea," Erdogan said, adding that he also supports the Crimean Platform, Kyiv's initiative to involve the international community in solving the peninsula problem.

As a result of the talks, Erdogan and Zelesnky issued a joint declaration emphasizing Ukraine's plans to join NATO. »