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Thursday April 8th, 2021 evening edition

image for One in 4 U.S. adults is now fully vaccinated

The U.S. reached a milestone in its vaccination efforts on Wednesday, with new data showing that close to 25 percent of adults in the country have been fully vaccinated.

The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also show that 40 percent of adults and 75 percent of seniors have received at least one dose.

The country’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts began in December after the emergency authorization of a vaccine by the U.S. drugmaker Pfizer and the German firm BioNTech.

That effort was greatly accelerated with the addition of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Certain states, such as New Mexico, South Dakota and Alaska, have surpassed the national average and fully vaccinated more than 30 percent of their adult populations, according to CDC data.

After his election, President Joe Biden pledged that 150 million shots would be given in his first 100 days.

Biden announced Tuesday that by April 19 states should make all adults in the U.S. eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine, advancing a previous deadline by two weeks. »

'Why the US Senate Is So Broken': Manchin Vow to Preserve Filibuster Imperils Voting Rights and Much More

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"'There is bipartisan support for voting reform,' Manchin writes, as Republicans introduce 361 bills to restrict voting rights in 47 states.".

"Joe Manchin represents a state that is 1/22 the population of California and 92% white yet he can singlehandedly block policies supported by 70-80% of Americans," noted Ari Berman of Mother Jones.

Like all politicians, he'll stick his finger in the wind, and it's up to us to change the weather. »

Was Mozart’s sister actually the most talented musician in the family?

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Milo’s play The Other Mozart, subtitled The forgotten genius of Mozart’s sister, had rave reviews when it opened in 2015.

“It’s so clear when you study history from the woman’s point of view that we don’t have the full picture,” said Milo.

We spoke to violist Jennifer Stumm a few years ago, who gave us her thoughts on being a woman in music today:. »

U.K. Audiences Keen to Return to Cinemas Post-Lockdown, Survey Finds

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The U.K. public is keen to return to cinemas, a survey has found, with 59% of respondents citing the cinema as their most missed out-of-home entertainment activity.

The survey also looked into cinemagoers’ impressions of the brief period between lockdowns in 2020 when movie theaters reopened for a few months.

Cinema First is the cross-industry body charged with the promotion of cinemagoing in the U.K. Its core constituents are the Film Distributors’ Association, representing U.K. film distributors, and the U.K. Cinema Association, representing U.K. cinema operators. »