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Wednesday April 7th, 2021 morning edition

image for U.S. factories desperate for workers, even as ranks of jobless remains high

(Reuters) - Matt Arnold just spent $5,000 to run help-wanted ads for his company’s five trailer factories scattered from Pennsylvania to Utah.

And yet high jobless rates have not translated into workers flocking to open positions on assembly lines.

On Friday, the Labor Department said 916,000 jobs were created last month, the most since last August, including 53,000 manufacturing positions.

The report’s manufacturing diffusion index, a measure of the breadth of hiring across some 75 goods-producing industries, registered one of its highest readings ever.

Manufacturing employment suffered a much less severe blow than service sector jobs last spring when COVID-19 first brought the economy effectively to a standstill.

About one of every 10 factory jobs were eliminated in the shutdowns versus roughly one of every six service jobs.

One small printing plant just closed near him, and the owner called to ask if he wanted to buy machinery. »

Letterman pays tribute to Johnny Carson

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Only after the monologue was through and Letterman was back behind his desk did he tell the audience who had written the jokes.

Letterman set up one joke by noting scientists had been working on an airplane that flew 50 miles above the Earth.

Carson would read the newspapers in the morning and write jokes, often calling Lassally and delivering them over the phone. »

Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Reveals Nearly 3 Million Pages of Evidence

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Ghislaine Maxwell's prosecutors have disclosed 2.7 million pages of evidence to her lawyers in her Jeffrey Epstein trafficking case, a court filing has revealed.

Now prosecutors have revealed the full scale of the mountain of evidence in the case, which stretches to within a stone's throw of three million pages.

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