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Tuesday April 6th, 2021 morning edition

image for Police chief: Kneeling on Floyd’s neck violated policy

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis police chief testified Monday that now-fired Officer Derek Chauvin violated departmental policy — and went against “our principles and the values that we have” — in pressing his knee on George Floyd’s neck and keeping him down after Floyd had stopped resisting and was in distress.

Floyd’s treatment by police was captured on widely seen bystander video that sparked protests around the U.S. that descended into violence in some cases.

The report said Floyd died of “cardiopulmonary arrest, complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.”

Officers kept restraining Floyd — with Chauvin kneeling on his neck, another kneeling on Floyd’s back and a third holding his feet — until the ambulance got there, even after he became unresponsive, according to testimony and video footage.

Minneapolis police Inspector Katie Blackwell, commander of the training division at the time of Floyd’s death, also took the stand Monday.

The city moved soon after Floyd’s death to ban police chokeholds and neck restraints.

Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey also made several policy changes, including expanded reporting of use-of-force incidents and attempts to de-escalate situations. »

Mitch McConnell Is Horrified that Corporations Are Speaking Out Against Voter Suppression

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It was, like his other post-presidency statements, more embarrassing than truly threatening, and one is loath to give it any oxygen.

Georgia-based companies like Delta and Coca-Cola initially tried to stay on the sidelines, even as they faced calls to condemn the anti-democratic laws.

“Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned on Monday. »

Mysterious rumblings from inside of Mars detected by NASA lander

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Scientists at NASA have reported an exciting detection by its Insight lander on Mars - mysterious rumblings coming from the interior of the planet.

Intriguingly, the new rumblings are believed to have originated in a location on Mars called Cerberus Fossae, where two other previous candidate events are believed to have originated.

Image: The dome-covered instrument recently detected the rumblings. »

Immigrant from France fails Quebec's French test for newcomers

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If someone from France can fail Quebec’s French test for immigrants, how hard is it for a non-francophone to pass?.

Try refreshing your browser, or Immigrant from France fails Quebec's French test for newcomers Back to video.

Flaman noted when he first arrived in Quebec, he had passed the test for his professional Quebec driver’s licence entirely in French. »