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Tuesday April 6th, 2021 evening edition

image for ‘We will not be intimidated.’ Despite China threats, Lithuania moves to recognise Uighur genocide

Now, despite direct pressure on Lithuanian MPs, Vilnius is planning to recognise repressions against the Uighurs as genocide.

The letters came only after Šakalienė proposed to draft a resolution in the Lithuanian parliament on the persecution of Uighurs and other minorities in China.

The US, Canada and the Netherlands, so far the only EU country, have described Beijing's actions against its citizens in Xinjiang province as genocide.

According to Šakalienė, Beijing’s actions amount to genocide defined in the UN Convention and Lithuania is now coordinating and preparing its response.

The interparliamentary alliance is also calling for a comprehensive, independent international inquiry into China.

However, when EU ambassadors asked to meet with the imprisoned Uighur activist and Sakharov Prize winner Ilham Tohti, the planned visit was frozen.

However, Janda is skeptical about the possibility to recognise the Uighur genocide even at the EU level. »

Researchers come one step closer to ‘insulin in a pill’

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"The insulin was loaded in a system that protects it from the acidic environment of the stomach.

Once in the body, the system can sense the sugar blood level and can release the loaded insulin on demand.".

However, the researchers are optimistic that in the future, their treatment will change the way diabetic patients approach their care. »

Cultivated Meat Projected To Be Cheaper Than Conventional Beef by 2030

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It specifically focuses on comparing the costs and environmental footprints of conventional and cultivated beef production.

Assuming a 30 percent renewable energy use, the overall environmental impact of cultivated beef in 2030 will be about 90 percent lower than for conventional beef, they conclude.

For example, cultivated beef is projected to produce 93 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions and to use 95 percent less land for nutrient production. »

Colorado Denied Its Citizens the Right-to-Repair After Riveting Testimony

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Right-to-repair is often spoken of in the context of broken phone screens, but it doesn’t just affect people’s personal devices.

Agricultural and medical equipment are increasingly impossible to fix because manufacturers want to maintain a monopoly on repairing the product.

I still have a lot of concerns,” Rep. Monica Duran (D) said at the end of the committee hearing. »