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Monday April 5th, 2021 day edition

image for Japan just recorded its earliest cherry blossom bloom in 1,200 years. Scientists warn it's a symptom of the larger climate crisis

The flowers, which experience a "peak bloom" that only lasts a few days, have been revered in Japan for more than a thousand years.

Crowds celebrate with viewing parties, flocking to the most popular locations to take photos and have picnics underneath the branches.

But this year, cherry blossom season has come and gone in the blink of an eye, in one of the earliest blooms on record -- and scientists warn it's a symptom of the larger climate crisis threatening ecosystems everywhere.

In the central city of Kyoto, cherry blossoms peaked on March 26, the earliest in more than 1,200 years, Aono said.

And in the capital Tokyo, cherry blossoms reached full bloom on March 22, the second-earliest date on record.

There are two sources of increased heat, which is the main factor making the flowers bloom earlier: urbanization and climate change.

"Agriculture now is more like a gamble, because climate change is randomizing the things happening in our ecological systems. »

Big Meat and Dairy Companies Have Spent Millions Lobbying Against Climate Action, a New Study Finds

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The authors calculated that U.S. agribusiness, which includes meat and dairy companies and also other agricultural companies, spent $750 million on national political candidates from 2000 to 2020.

The authors said these companies also spent their lobbying money on issues beyond climate change, including the Farm Bill and farm subsidies.

But relative to each company’s revenue, Tyson spent double what Exxon spent on political campaigns and 33 percent more on lobbying. »

Allegations against the GOP's Matt Gaetz become even more serious

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Practically every paragraph in the Times' report, which has not been independently verified by MSNBC or NBC News, adds to the appalling nature of the allegations.

Gaetz, one of Donald Trump's most flamboyant congressional allies, continues to deny the allegations.

"Some of the men and women took ecstasy," the Times reported, "an illegal mood-altering drug, before having sex, including Mr. Gaetz, two people familiar with the encounters said.". »

Growing California almonds takes more than half of US honeybees

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Just by looking at fully grown oranges, apples and almonds, the honeybee wouldn’t necessarily get marquee credit for their growth.

In the winter, Kutik, and commercial beekeepers throughout the country, send the majority of the nation's commercial bees to pollinate almonds blossoms.

With so much work to be done by American beekeepers and their bees, can the industry keep up with demand?. »

String theorist Michio Kaku: 'Reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea'

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It hasn’t been tested yet and Nobel prize winners have taken opposite points of view concerning something called string theory.

I’m the co-founder of string field theory, which is one of the main branches of string theory, so I have some “skin in the game”.

The destiny of science is to become like grandmasters, to solve this puzzle that we call the universe. »