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Sunday April 4th, 2021 morning edition

image for The Trump campaign reportedly cheated donors who thought they were making a one-time contribution, collecting recurring donations

The Trump 2020 campaign reportedly duped supporters into making recurring donations without their consent.

According to the New York Times, donations were automatically set to repeat when supporters got to the final stages of contributing.

In what seemed to be an effort to bolster political contributions in the heat of the 2020 election against now President Joe Biden, the Trump 2020 campaign reportedly duped supporters into making recurring donations without their explicit or known consent.

Many of these accidental repeat donors believed they were signing up to give a one-time contribution, the New York Times reported.

Unrealizing Trump supporters began to make several repeated donations to the campaign over the course of a month.

In total, the Trump campaign returned a staggering 10.7% of money secured through WinRed, the Republican Party's contribution portal.

Trump supporters who had unwittingly donated their money to the campaign filed fraud complaints upon noticing unauthorized withdrawals, the Times reported. »

‘Kill the bill’: Hundreds in UK protest against new crime law

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Proposed bill would give police extra powers to curtail demonstrations, such as imposing time and noise limits.

Hundreds of demonstrators joined marches and rallies across Britain as part of a “national weekend of action” against a proposed new law that would give police extra powers to curb protests.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan, reporting from a protest in London on Saturday, said “many, many groups are angry about the bill”. »

Florida emergency as phosphate plant pond leak threatens radioactive flood

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Officials evacuated homes and closed off a highway near the large reservoir in the Tampa Bay area, north of Bradenton.

Others were working to chart a path for controlling how the water can flow from the pond into the Tampa Bay.

The pond at the old Piney Point phosphate mine sits in a stack of phosphogypsum, a waste product from manufacturing fertilizer that is radioactive. »

Trump Donors Fume Over Fine Print Which Allowed Campaign to Charge Their Accounts Over and Over

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The disclaimer contained several pre-checked provisions which granted the Trump campaign permission to take additional funds from donors’ accounts as time went on.

In some cases, the campaign also profited from yellow boxes containing pro-Trump messages referred to internally as “money bombs,” according to the report.

The New York Times reported that many Trump donors didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late. »

Religion is a driving force behind the gender wage gap, study finds

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The findings provide evidence that men tend to earn significantly more than women in societies with heightened religiosity.

The studies, which included 234 individuals, provided evidence that religion is a driving force behind the wage gap.

The study, “The Hidden Cost of Prayer: Religiosity and the Gender Wage Gap“, was published October 27, 2020. »