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Thursday April 1st, 2021 evening edition

image for Super Mario™ 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch

Jump into paintings in Super Mario 64™, clean up paint-like goop in Super Mario Sunshine™, and fly from planet to planet in Super Mario Galaxy™.

Make Mario move using the Nintendo Switch system’s Joy-Con™ controllers.

You can also pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend to play the Super Mario Galaxy game in Co-Star Mode!

Discover (or rediscover) three of Mario’s most iconic 3D platform adventures, all in one package, available on the Nintendo Switch™ system.

Experience Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming in the Super Mario 64™ game, originally released in 1996.

Soak up the sun in the Super Mario Sunshine™ game, originally released in 2002, and spray the goop away with your water-spouting pal, FLUDD!

The physical version of Super Mario 3D All-Stars (released Sept. 18) will continue to be shipped to retailers and available for purchase through March 31, 2021 or while supplies last. »

The Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It Absorbs

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The Amazon rainforest may now emit more greenhouse gases than the famously lush ecosystem absorbs, according to new research.

A key distinction in appreciating the study’s findings is that they do not just concern carbon dioxide, according to Mongabay.

Though carbon dioxide often gets top billing in discussions around climate change, there are many other significant greenhouse gases, including methane, nitrous oxide, aerosols and sooty black carbon. »

Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Says Matt Gaetz Investigation 'Very Serious'

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Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has called the probe into sex trafficking allegations against Congressman Matt Gaetz "very serious," as the Florida Republican denies any wrongdoing and details of the investigation remain scarce.

Appearing on CNN Wednesday night, McCabe claimed federal officials did not open investigations into sitting members of Congress without "a significant degree of information," and called news of the probe into Gaetz "substantial.".

He added that his father had worn a wire at the FBI's direction to catch criminals trying to extort him. »

The law on alcohol and under 18s

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The UK chief medical officers recommend that an alcohol-free childhood is the healthiest and best option.

There’s lots of debate about whether it’s OK to let children have a small amount of alcohol to try – some people call this the continental approach.

It may be tempting to offer your child a sip of alcohol on special occasions so they don’t feel left out. »