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Wednesday March 31st, 2021 night edition

image for Conservatives frustrated by popularity of Dems' voting-rights bill

But the NRSC did exactly that last week, making an expensive ad buy for an unexpected reason.

The committee, which exists to elect Republican Senate candidates, launched ads specifically in the hopes of making the Democrats' "For the People Act" less popular.

The speakers on the call expressed alarm at the broad popularity of the bill's provision calling for more public disclosure about secret political donors.

In fact, McKenzie warned, "there's a large, very large, chunk of conservatives who are supportive of these types of efforts.".

McKenzie said, "Unfortunately, we've found that that is a winning message, for both the general public and also conservatives."

After all, if conservatives' research is correct, half the battle has already been won: Americans, even on the right, support the core elements of the Democrats' top legislative priority.

Even if he were to come around, S.1 faces an inevitable Republican filibuster, and unless 50 Senate Dems are prepared to carve out an exception to the chamber's rules, the bill will almost certainly be killed, its broad popularity notwithstanding. »

Latest Research News: New drug to regenerate lost teeth

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They found, with animal studies, that suppressing the gene USAG-1 by using its antibody can efficiently lead to tooth growth.

The tooth fairy is a welcome guest for any child who has lost a tooth.

A new study by scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Fukui, however, may offer some hope. »

Ending the Tipped Minimum Wage Will Reduce Poverty and Inequality

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Another 26 states and the District of Columbia have a tipped minimum wage higher than $2.13 but still below the prevailing regular minimum wage.

States that have eliminated the tipped minimum wage have less poverty among workers in key tipped industries.

“Mid” states have a tipped minimum wage higher than $2.13 but less than the prevailing regular minimum wage. »