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Tuesday March 30th, 2021 morning edition

image for Minimum Wage Would Be $44 Today If It Had Increased at Same Rate as Wall St. Bonuses: Analysis

But during that 35-year period, the federal wage floor remained largely stagnant while the average Wall Street bonus soared by 1,217%, IPS finds, citing the latest data from the New York State Comptroller.

The $7.25-an-hour federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009, leaving minimum wage workers worse off today than they were more than a decade ago due to rising costs of living.

"Since 1985, the average Wall Street bonus has increased 1,217%, from $13,970 to $184,000 in 2020.".

"These bonuses come on top of salary and other forms of compensation," Anderson added.

"The average salary (with bonuses) for all securities industry employees in New York City was $406,700 in 2019.

At the very top end, CEOs of the top five U.S. investment banks hauled in an average of $27.9 million in total compensation in 2019.".

Unveiled earlier this month, the legislation would raise taxes on companies with a CEO-to-median-worker pay ratio of 50 to 1 or higher. »

US suspends all diplomatic trade engagement with Myanmar after weekend of violence against pro-democracy protesters

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Under that agreement the US cooperated with Myanmar on trade and investment to support the country's integration into the global economy.

More than 100 civilians, including children, were killed in demonstrations protesting the military coup across Myanmar on Saturday, sparking international condemnation.

The US is suspending diplomatic trade engagement with Myanmar established under the 2013 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement. »

AT&T lobbies against nationwide fiber, says 10Mbps uploads are good enough

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(That would be 50Mbps download speeds with 10Mbps upload speeds or 100Mbps downloads with 20Mbps uploads.).

The Biden administration is also planning a $3 trillion package that includes funding for rural broadband among many other priorities.

Back in 2014, AT&T urged the Federal Communications Commission to keep its standard of 4Mbps downloads and 1Mbps uploads. »

Blake Griffin can’t help but laugh at Nets’ Darth Vader status

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The Nets signed Aldridge on Sunday, after they’d already inked Blake Griffin, and traded for James Harden, moves that have fans and pundits alike crying foul.

“It’s kind of funny to me, because for the last couple years all I’ve heard is how bad I am.

You sign with this team and everybody’s like, ‘That’s not fair!’ ” Griffin said when asked by The Post about the strong reactions. »

Why Hitchhiking Is Huge in Cuba: 'The Transportation System Is Screwed'

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A government worker stands at the punto amarillo, asks where you're going, takes .25 Cuban pesos, (about 5 cents), and flags down a government vehicle heading that direction.

Throughout the 1990s and halfway through the 2000s, the Cuban government adopted some peculiar means of dealing with the deteriorating public transport.

"Government trucks were the only things on the road, and we had places to be.". »