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Monday March 29th, 2021 night edition

image for Philippines deploys air force as tensions over Chinese ships rise

The Philippines’ air force has been conducting daily aerial patrols over Chinese fishing vessels moored near a disputed reef, the country’s defence chief said, as he repeated a call to Beijing for their withdrawal from the area.

The diplomatic row was touched off earlier this month when some 220 boats were first spotted at the boomerang-shaped Whitsun Reef, west of Palawan Island.

The Philippines ordered China to recall the vessels, describing their presence as an incursion into its sovereign territory.

“We are ready to defend our national sovereignty and protect the marine resources of the Philippines,” Lorenzana said late on Saturday.

He added there will be an “increased presence” of navy and coast guard ships patrolling Philippine waters.

The resource-rich South China Sea is claimed by several countries, including the Philippines and China.

But the shift has failed to stem Chinese ambitions in the South China Sea, or unlock much of the billions of dollars of promised trade and loans. »

Arkansas governor signs bill allowing medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people

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The measure says health care workers and institutions have the right to not participate in non-emergency treatments that violate their conscience.

The bills are advancing as a hate crimes measure backed by Hutchinson has stalled in the Legislature after facing resistance from conservatives.

The bill would impose additional penalties for committing a crime against someone because of their characteristics, including their sexual orientation or gender identity. »

White teacher interrupts anti-racism talk to argue, swear at Black presenter in front of students

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Vallières was known as an intellectual leader of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) who committed acts of terror.

The book by Vallières drew parallels between the plight of French-speaking Quebecers and the civil rights struggle of African Americans.

For more stories about the experiences of Black Canadians — from anti-Black racism to success stories within the Black community — check out Being Black in Canada, a CBC project Black Canadians can be proud of. »

72% of Americans Approve of Joe Biden's Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Poll

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The poll, conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News, collected responses from 517 Americans on Friday and Saturday.

Biden's handling of the U.S. vaccine rollout earned support from a slightly wider margin of survey participants, with 75 percent saying they approve of his administration's effort on that front specifically.

Implementing an effective and equitable federal response to COVID-19 was among the presidential administration's top priorities when Biden took office this past January. »

Sidney Powell admits it was all a lie

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One of Donald Trump’s disinformation stars, Sidney Powell, is backing down.

When it came to light that Menchu had distorted key aspects of her autobiography, right and left responded very differently.

Powell, a key propagandist in Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election, has issued a response to Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit. »