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Monday March 29th, 2021 day edition

image for The Brain Injury That Helped End Slavery

Before escaping to freedom and leading hundreds of southern slaves north along the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman lived for nearly 30 years in slavery.

Tubman had been sent to a dry goods store on an errand and encountered another slave there, a fugitive who had left his plantation without permission.

When the slave’s overseer demanded she help restrain him, a defiant Tubman refused.

Writer Sarah Hopkins Bradford explains the incident in her 1886 authorized biography, Harriet, the Moses of Her People:.

With narcolepsy comes vivid dreams and hallucinations, and eyewitness reports substantiate Bradford’s writings that Tubman’s trance-like states would last for hours.

Bradford adds that, following a standard diagnosis of narcolepsy, there was little Tubman could do to control the effects of her condition.

Regardless of how impossible a task might seem, if it were her task she tackled it with a determination to win.”. »

US Army Base Poisoning Drinking Water Of Half a Million Japanese

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US Air Force’s Kadena base in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture is reportedly contaminating the island’s drinking water, used by almost half a million people.

PFAS, which is highly resistant to heat, oil, and water, is mainly used in the production of food wrapping, nonstick cookware, and military firefighting foams, the Diplomat said.

According to the six-decade-old agreement, Japanese officials are not allowed to enter American defense installations in Japan. »

Fourth Stimulus Check Gains Support in Congress As Third Round is Still Being Sent

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A fourth stimulus relief check is gaining momentum in Congress while many people are still waiting on their third round of COVID relief.

), earlier this month urged Biden to make stimulus payments and extended unemployment an ongoing thing during the next spending bill.

Biden has not shown support of further payments, and the last stimulus package was passed without Republican support. »

Georgia's governor signed 'Jim Crow' voting bill under painting of a slave plantation

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The Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch created a Twitter thread about a painting of a Georgia plantation that is hanging behind Kemp in the photograph.

The signing of the Georgia Voter Suppression law yesterday was done under the backdrop of Callaway Plantation in Georgia.

Having a bunch of white men under a plantation signing a massive voter suppression bill lets everyone know EXACTLY what they want to have happen. »