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Friday March 19th, 2021 day edition

image for AMD refuses to limit cryptocurrency mining: 'we will not be blocking any workload'

AMD has confirmed it has zero intentions of blocking mining operations on its graphics cards.

Best AMD motherboard: your new Ryzen's new home.

"The short answer is no," Nish Neelalojanan, a product manager at AMD says regarding a potential mining limiter during a Radeon RX 6700 XT pre-briefing call.

"We will not be blocking any workload, not just mining for that matter.

And when cryptocurrency is still surging in value it appears any graphics card is preferable to none at all.

And just look at how quickly miners circumvented Nvidia's mining limiter circumvented and its drivers were said to be watertight.

On the plus side, Ethereum will one day move away from a cryptocurrency mining model, and the bubble is sure to burst for profitability sooner or later. »

Donald Trump Is Drowning in Criminal Investigations and Legally Screwed

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But as the old saying goes, “karma is a bitch and she relishes the idea of a litigious a-hole living out his last days in prison.".

Willis’s investigation is criminal in nature and will reportedly focus on whether or not Trump broke state laws against “solicitation of election fraud,” racketeering, conspiracy, or making threats related to the election administration.

On top of that the Department of Justice has launched a broad investigation into the Capitol attack, which could mean it is looking into the ex-president’s role. »

Biden orders US flags flown at half-staff after Atlanta shootings

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President Joe Biden on Thursday ordered US flags be flown at half-staff in honour of eight people killed in a series of shootings at massage spas in Atlanta, Georgia, as outrage grew over rising attacks on Asian Americans in the United States.

Flags at federal buildings, military bases, US embassies and consulates worldwide will be flown at half-staff until March 22, according to Biden’s order.

Hampton, Atlanta’s deputy police chief, said on Thursday that Long had frequented the businesses where the shootings took place. »

Customer orders a dozen masks, demands refund when business owner sends ‘only 12’

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And one such experience with a disgruntled customer has left a small business owner in splits, after the client got their basic maths wrong.

So, was owner of Zada’s Vault, who saw an email from an angry client demanding refund for not receiving correct number of items.

And as a token of appreciation, the business owner added that for all orders placed last week will include: “a free Dubzen mask. »

Facebook promised to ban anti-vaxxers. But pages are still up and they've been selling t-shirts

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Key points: Anti-vaccine claims continue to circulate on Facebook more than one month after the ban.

Despite Facebook promising to delete pages and groups that repeatedly posted anti-vaccine claims, it appeared to only act after being contacted by the ABC.

More than one month later, Facebook pages and groups targeting Australians continue to post claims that appear to breach the ban. »