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Saturday March 6th, 2021 evening edition

image for US experts warn new Covid variants and states reopening may lead to fourth wave

The warnings come the same week Texas and Mississippi flung open the doors to normal social life in their states.

Coronavirus cases have declined across much of the United States since mid-January, a point when the peak of the third wave saw upwards of 4,000 Covid-19 deaths a day.

However, cases remain “extremely high” according to data watchers, and could plateau at a point equivalent to the peak of summer 2020.

The potential plateau, highly transmissible new variants, and decision to reopen when vaccines have reached relatively few people “has all the makings of a fourth wave, and gives me a lot of pause for concern,” said Hotez.

On Wednesday, following a crippling winter ice storm Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, ended all pandemic restrictions and opened the state “100%”.

The Republican governor of Mississippi soon followed suit, and lifted mask mandates on all activities except schools and large arenas.

Nevertheless, intense pressure to reopen businesses has also led many Democratic-led cities and states to begin tiptoeing toward reopening. »

Republicans Are Gaslighting The Country About The Capitol Riot

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Sure, the attack on the Capitol was bad, but did you hear about the attack on the White House last year?.

ROBERTO SCHMIDT via Getty Images Riot police push back a crowd of Trump supporters after they stormed the Capitol.

Many Republicans who condemned the violence at the Capitol broadened their condemnation to include violence against police officers in 2020. »

Humans Evolved to Be the Water-Saving Ape

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Our bodies are constantly losing water: when we sweat, go to the bathroom, even when we breathe.

That water needs to be replenished to keep blood volume and other body fluids within normal ranges.

Lose water by sweating, for example, and the body’s thirst signals kick in, telling us to drink. »

Kentucky bill would make it a crime to insult a police officer

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A bill moving through Kentucky's Senate would make it a crime to insult or taunt a police officer during a riot.

CBS News requested comment from state Senator David Carroll, a Republican and retired police officer who is the bill's lead sponsor.

The ACLU of Kentucky called the legislation "an extreme bill to stifle dissent" and said it would criminalize free speech. »

Mexico moves closer to becoming the world's largest legal cannabis market

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Mexico is inching closer to becoming the world's largest legal cannabis market as lawmakers prepare to debate a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana.

Mexico has been steadily marching toward creating a cannabis market since 2015, when a federal judge ruled in favor of importing cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, for medical reasons.

Elizalde eventually reached out to a Mexican lawmaker who publicly supported adopting cannabis legislation in Mexico after Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. »