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Thursday March 4th, 2021 night edition

image for Jeff Bezos would pay more than $5bn a year under Warren’s ‘Ultra-Millionaire’ tax plan

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would be forced to pay more than $5m (£3.57m) in taxes under the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act proposed by US politicians earlier this week.

On Monday, several senators including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, unveiled a proposed wealth tax to help reduce inequality in the US.

Calculations from the Institute for Policy Studies and Americans for Tax Fairness following the announcement of the tax proposal, said that Mr Bezos, the world’s richest person, would have paid $5.7bn (£4.075bn) in 2020 under the plan.

The analysis claimed that despite the high-level of tax, Mr Bezos would still have been left with a net worth of around $185bn (£132bn).

Although the coronavirus pandemic caused record unemployment figures in the US in 2020, Mr Bezos saw his wealth rise by around $75bn (£54bn).

The tax, which would not apply to financial investments like stocks or options, would raise a majority of its money from four billionaires who live in the state, including Mr Bezos.

Jared Walczak, the vice president of state projects for state tax policy at the Tax Foundation, estimated that around 97 per cent of the tax revenue would come from Mr Bezos, his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, Mr Gates and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. »

Why Eminem Mom Debbie Mathers Sued Her Own Son

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Then she wrote a memoir, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem to set the record straight.

He admitted it, she claims, telling her “The more foul I am, the more they love me.”

Her only crime — if you can call it a crime to care so deeply — was loving him too much. »

Why Are Fewer Young Adults Having Casual Sex?

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The decline in casual sexual activity could have both positive and negative consequences for young adults and broader society.

However, the decline in sexual activity among unmarried young adults (Ueda et al. 2020) suggests that a decline in casual sex parallels the more general decline in sexual frequency among young adults.

Second, we consider the possibility that the sources of the recent decline in casual sexual activity differ between young women and young men. »

Alamo Drafthouse Files for Chapter 11, Announces Sale to Altamont Capital, Fortress Investment

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the Texas-based theater chain that has become a favorite with cinephiles for its dine-in service and fan-forward approach to exhibition, has filed for Chapter 11.

The bankruptcy filing comes as part of an asset purchase agreement with Altamont Capital Partners, a previous investor in the company, as well as affiliates of Fortress Investment Group, a new backer.

As part of the bankruptcy, Alamo Drafthouse will close down a few underperforming locations and restructure its lease obligations. »

Biden slams states lifting mask mandates for "Neanderthal thinking"

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States that are relaxing coronavirus restrictions are making "a big mistake," President Biden told reporters on Wednesday, adding: "The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking.".

Mississippi is lifting its mask mandate for all counties Wednesday, per Gov. Tate Reeves (R).

But CDC director Rochelle Walensky warned states on Monday that "now is not the time" to lift public health restrictions. »