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Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Urging Senate to 'Ignore the Parliamentarian,' Sanders to Force Vote on $15 Minimum Wage Amendment

"The Senate should ignore the parliamentarian's advice, which is wrong in a number of respects.".

Citing two anonymous Democratic aides, the Washington Post reported Monday that "Senate Democrats will move forward with a version of the relief bill that does not attempt to raise the minimum wage."

"Obviously, as soon as we can, we must end the filibuster that currently exists in the U.S. Senate.

60% of the American people want us to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Should the vice president opt to use that authority, it would take 60 votes in the Senate to overrule her.

@GeoffRBennett: Why push for Neera Tanden's confirmation and not push as hard, one could say, for raising the minimum wage?

The American people want to see that minimum wage raised," Sanders continued. »

Formation of contractile 3D bovine muscle tissue for construction of millimetre-thick cultured steak

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Furthermore, we confirmed that the contractile distance of the fibrin-matrigel-based muscle tissue cultured with the electrical stimulation was larger than that of the collagen-based muscle tissue (Fig.

These results indicate that the use of fibrin-matrigel, combined with culture under electrical stimulation, facilitates construction of contractile bovine muscle tissue.

In addition, after colouring the muscle tissue using red food colouring agent, we successfully obtained millimetre-thick bovine muscle tissue showing real meat-like appearance (Fig. »