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Thursday February 25th, 2021 evening edition

image for Sen. John Thune, Opposing $15 Min Wage, Says He Earned $6 As a Kid—That's $24 With Inflation

They argue a wage hike will harm small businesses who have already been economically harmed during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mandating a $15 minimum wage would put many of them out of business.".

Mandating a $15 minimum wage would put many of them out of business. — Senator John Thune (@SenJohnThune) February 24, 2021.

A $6 an hour wage in 1978, adjusted to modern inflation rates, would equal $24.07 an hour in 2021.

On Monday, Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Mitt Romney of Utah introduced a $10 national minimum wage plan.

Some progressive Democrats may also be opposed, believing that a minimum wage increase should be more than $15 an hour.

On February 1, Congressional Republicans introduced their own $618 billion economic stimulus bill that completely removed any mention of a minimum wage hike. »

Neuropsychiatric effects of caffeine

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Despite (or perhaps because of) its ubiquity, caffeine is rarely thought of as a problematic drug.

Doctors do not often ask patients about its use and enquiry into caffeine consumption is not usually included in psychiatric assessment.

Excessive ingestion leads to a state of intoxication known as caffeinism, which is characterised by restlessness, agitation, excitement, rambling thought and speech, and insomnia. »

Bill would strip pension for president convicted of felony

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), who leads the Democrats’ campaign arm, and Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal Pramila JayapalBill would strip pension for president convicted of felony Democrats in standoff over minimum wage Democrats face unity test on Biden's .9T bill MORE (D-Wash.) have authored the Restoring and Enforcing Accountability of Presidents (REAP) Act.

It would reform the Former Presidents Act of 1958 by stripping past presidents convicted of a felony of their $219,200 annual pension, office space and a budget to pay for staff.

The legislation does not impact lifetime Secret Service protection for convicted presidents. »

The amoral atheist? A cross-national examination of cultural, motivational, and cognitive antecedents of disbelief, and their implications for morality

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By contrast, only minor differences between believers and disbelievers were found in endorsement of other moral values (individualizing moral foundations, epistemic rationality).

Based on this line of reasoning, believers (vs. disbelievers) should be more inclined to endorse moral values that serve group cohesion (the binding moral foundations).

Specifically, disbelievers are less inclined than believers to endorse the binding moral foundations, and more inclined to engage in consequentialist moral reasoning. »