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Sunday February 21st, 2021 day edition

image for Texas officials are investigating outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

As Texas struggles to recover from a deep freeze that has killed dozens, some customers in Texas like Upshaw are facing unprecedented price hikes in their energy bills as a result of the recent snow storm.

Texas officials say they are investigating.

Texas' utility regulator, Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), said Saturday that it is investigating "the factors that combined with the devastating winter weather to disrupt the flow of power to millions of Texas homes.".

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is convening an emergency meeting to look into the situation, he said in a statement.

One energy company called Griddy suggested that their customers look for another provider if the prices were too high.

But with the winter storm wreaking havoc on Texas' power grid, Griddy's pricing shot up.

"Texans have gone through enough hardship during this winter storm without having to worry about unexpected additional energy costs," Commissioner Wayne Christian said in the statement. »

New study finds 20% of people have a genetic mutation that provides resilience to the cold

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Female managers have less negative attitudes towards depression at work, and are more likely to show understanding for depressed employees.

The absence of that protein is due to a mutation in the gene that codes for it.

“This suggests that people lacking α-aktinin-3 are better at keeping warm and, energy-wise, at enduring a tougher climate,” said co-author Håkan Westerblad of the Karolinska Institutet. »

Biden warns European allies that 'democratic progress is under assault'

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And I believe with every ounce of my being that democracy will and must prevail,” Biden continued.

His remarks were aimed at reassuring European allies after four years of tumult under Trump, whose name he did not mention during the address.

The president called on the U.S. and its European allies to work together to confront Russia’s aggressive behavior and economic abuses and anti-democratic practices by China. »

The Beirut Bank Job – Darknet Diaries

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In this episode he tells us a story about the time he broke into a bank in Beirut Lebanon, and everything went wrong.

Jayson can be found on twitter as @jaysonstreet and his website is Jayson spinning in a chair behind the teller line.

In this episode we’re going to test the physical security of a bank but our goal isn’t to steal cash. »