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Wednesday February 17th, 2021 day edition

image for Deep freeze sends Texas electricity prices soaring 10,000%

Tonight: A deep freeze sends Texas electricity prices soaring 10,000%; Citibank can't fix a $500 million oopsie; and vegan KitKats are now a thing.

Electricity prices spiked more than 10,000% when the winter storm hit this week.

It's striking that these power outages are happening in mighty Texas, the energy powerhouse of America.

Texas produces more electricity than any other US state — generating almost twice as much as Florida, the next-closest, according to federal statistics.

Wind power is also booming in Texas, which produced about 28% of all the US wind-powered electricity in 2019.

The state's infrastructure is simply not prepared for a deep freeze.

In other words: "When it comes to electricity, what happens in Texas stays in Texas," said Dan Cohan, associate professor of environmental engineering at Rice University. »

A majority of Britons aren't satisfied with how Brexit turned out

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Of the 24% of respondents who approved of the deal, they did so with an important caveat that it was the best deal for the "foreseeable future".

The survey, conducted in the week after the deal came into effect on January 1, is the first major temperature check on what Brits think of the reality of Brexit.

Meanwhile, many other voters are repelled by Global Britain's associations with Brexit.". »

Massive Texas gas failure during climate extremes gets blamed on wind power

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Major blackout events, usually instigated by grid stress related to climate extremes, become opportunities to attack renewable energy.

Texas’ grid has one of the highest proportions of wind power in the United States, and an increasing installed capacity of solar power.

Unsurprisingly, the blackouts immediately led to many assuming that, somehow, wind power had caused the blackouts. »

Biden: 'I'm tired of talking about Trump'

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The next four years, I want to make sure all the news is the American people.

I’m tired of talking about Trump," Biden said when asked about Trump being acquitted by the Senate over the weekend during a second impeachment trial.

Biden had avoided referring to Trump by name previously, calling him "the former guy" at one point during the town hall. »

30 Taliban militants killed in explosion during bomb-making class

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At least 30 Taliban militants have died in Afghanistan after they blew themselves up during a bomb-making class.

The bodies of the six foreigners could not be identified because of the extent of the damage caused by the explosion, the army statement revealed.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid immediately tweeted a denial, saying Afghan government forces were defeated in the fighting in Ghazni. »