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Saturday February 13rd, 2021 night edition

image for Elijah Wood And Daniel Radcliffe Unite For Empire’s Harry Potter And Lord Of The Rings 20th Anniversary Issue

Back in 2001, two young actors set off on fantastical cinematic journeys that would capture the hearts and imaginations of fans for years to come.

Elijah Wood slipped on a pair of hairy Hobbit feet for the long walk to Mordor in The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, while Daniel Radcliffe donned those round glasses and that lightning-bolt scar in Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone – a pair of fantasy classics that began two concurrent game-changing franchises.

And now, in a major world exclusive, Empire has united Wood and Radcliffe for the very first time, bringing them together in conversation and for a (distanced, Covid-compliant) photoshoot – looking back on their experiences at the heart of the most expansive fantasy sagas of the ’00s, discussing their memories of playing Frodo and Harry, and how those films changed everything in their lives and careers, and in the Hollywood landscape.

The upcoming new issue of Empire is an epic 20th anniversary celebration of the two most iconic magical franchises in cinema history – and this month’s newsstand cover features Wood and Radcliffe together at last, photographed for Empire by Art Streiber.

The exclusive subscriber cover features a different shot of the two, also captured by Streiber, with ethereal illustrations by Peter Strain.

And there’s plenty more inside the 38-page Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings special too – including an all-new major interview with Potter producer David Heyman answering fan questions, a look at how Middle-earth and Hogwarts were brought to the big screen, a catch-up with the greatest Rings and Potter scene-stealers, an exploration of how both series arrived when the world desperately needed them, and much, much more. »

Twitter permanently suspends conservative activist group Project Veritas

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Twitter has permanently suspended the account of conservative activist group Project Veritas, after the organization released a video of a reporter questioning a Facebook executive outside their home, the New York Times reports.

In a statement given to the NYT, Twitter said the @Project_Veritas account was suspended for “repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.”.

Prior to its suspension, Project Veritas’s Twitter account was prominent on the platform, and counted Donald Trump’s adult sons as followers. »

Flight of the Navigator star was homeless and on drugs

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In 1986 Flight of the Navigator star Joey Cramer took a break from acting "to be a normal kid again".

Homeless, suicidal and hopelessly hooked on hard drugs, in 2016, wearing a flimsy disguise, he robbed a bank, fleeing with a wad of cash.

Now, after getting clean in prison, the 47-year-old is finally relaunching the acting career he put on ice three decades ago. »

Iran's use of ‘electric shocks’ on gay children is torture, says UN repor

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"He added that “Javaid Rehman rightly condemns these abuses as a form of torture and in violation of international human rights law.

According to the report, “The Special Rapporteur regrets that individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender experience human rights violations and widespread discrimination.

A UN report released Wednesday on widespread human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran contains shocking findings that the theocratic state imposed electric torture on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children. »

Reps Would Have to Resign From Corporate Boards Under Democrats’ Ethics Bill

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According to the findings section of the bill, the tax adds between $12,000 and $22,000 to the cost of a heavy truck, tractor, or trailer.

Several provisions in House Democrats’ omnibus campaign finance, voting, and ethics policy bill, H.R. 1, seek to limit representatives’ conflicts of interest.

Republicans are expected to filibuster the bill, which includes provisions like small-dollar campaign finance matching funds and enhancements to voting access. »