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Tuesday February 9th, 2021 evening edition

image for DOJ ‘will ask majority of Trump-appointed US attorneys to resign’

The Justice Department is expected to ask 56 US attorneys appointed by former President Donald Trump to submit their resignations, according to CNN.

Two attorneys expected to be saved as part of the move are top prosecutors involved in sensitive cases, who started investigations during Mr Trump’s time in office.

Of the 94 US attorneys serving in the US, 25 of them are in acting positions after several of Mr Trump’s appointees resigned following his defeat in November 2020’s presidential election.

Officials in the Justice Department have scheduled a call with US attorneys on Tuesday to discuss the transition, which is expected to take weeks to implement.

Although the request will apply to 56 of the US attorneys appointed by Mr Trump, the move is seen as standard for a new administration.

At the start of Mr Trump’s presidency, his first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, asked 46 of US attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama to resign.

Although a minority of those attorneys were able to stay in their role for a few more weeks, a majority were made to leave their position immediately. »

Vitamin D supplementation to the older adult population in Germany has the cost-saving potential of preventing almost 30,000 cancer deaths per year

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We estimated costs and savings for preventing cancer deaths by vitamin D supplementation of the population aged 50+ years in Germany.

The number of preventable cancer deaths was estimated by multiplying cancer deaths above age 50 with the estimated proportionate reduction of cancer mortality derived by vitamin D supplementation according to meta-analyses of RCTs (13%).

Our results support promotion of supplementation of vitamin D among older adults as a cost saving approach to substantially reduce cancer mortality. »

Trump Is One Step Closer to a Possible Criminal Case for That Georgia Phone Call

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Former President Trump’s infamous Georgia phone call is coming back to haunt him.

The probe presents the absurd vision of the Georgia secretary of state investigating a phone call to … the Georgia secretary of state.

But the formal launch of an investigation is also potentially very bad news for Trump: It brings the matter one step closer to the local criminal prosecutor’s office. »

Man Charged in U.S. Capitol Riot Worked for the FBI: Lawyer

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The FBI did not immediately comment Monday evening and Caldwell’s lawyer didn’t immediately answer questions about his client’s work.

Caldwell is one of three people authorities have described as Oath Keepers who were charged last month with conspiracy and accused of plotting the attack on the Capitol in advance.

Caldwell’s lawyer said he denies ever going into the Capitol and has “physical limitations” that would prevent the 66-year-old from forcing his way into any building. »