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Sunday February 7th, 2021 night edition

image for Video: Man accused of groping EMT at scene of Bronx fire was having a seizure, DA says

But Wednesday, Clark said the man, 52, was instead suffering a seizure when he placed his hands on the female EMT.

"After an intensive investigation, we have dismissed and will not charge forcible touching, sex abuse or felony assault on a police officer, firefighter or EMS professional, against [the man].".

According to Clark's office, a passerby stopped to assist the man and waved over first responders who were across the street on Westchester Avenue.

The EMT moved his hand away without any assistance while covered in protective gear from head to toe.

But FDNY EMS Local 2507 President Oren Barzilay said DA Clark was out of line and irresponsible.

Not only is this EMT a victim of sexual abuse, she is now a victim of the District Attorney’s office.".

The fire started on the first floor and extended to the upper floor and adjoining stores, according to FDNY. »

TIL that eight years after JFK’s assassination, Jackie Kennedy avoided the public unveiling of their White House portraits, but the Nixons graciously agreed to a secret, private tour for her and her kids. It was her only return visit.

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As the public geared up for the official unveiling of the portraits, Mrs. Kennedy made a secret trip to the White House on February 3.

Prior to this visit, she had not returned to the White House because she thought it would be too painful and sad.

The family arrived at the White House at 5:30 pm for a tour with First Lady Patricia Nixon. »

New study finds number of Americans in extreme mental distress now 2x higher than 1993 (6.4% vs 3.5%)

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Launched in 1984, the BRFSS is a monthly survey of hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states.

The data that the survey collects includes the respondents’ health-related risk behaviors, health conditions, and use of various services.

They classified respondents who gave the highest possible answer (i.e. 30 days out of 30) as being in extreme distress. »

Reddit banned a group of WallStreetBets moderators after they staged an attempted coup

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WallStreetBets' moderators staged an attempted coup on Wednesday to kick out dissenting mods.

This week, it experienced a virtual coup among moderators of the subreddit that resulted in multiple waves of bans from WallStreetBets and Reddit itself.

On Thursday evening, the WallStreetBets moderators who attempted the coup were removed by Reddit for breaking the platform's guidelines. »

Virginia passes legislation designating water as a basic human right

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The Virginia House of Delegates on Friday passed legislation that declared “clean, potable, and affordable water” a basic human right.

The legislation calls for strategies to limit contamination of water and for other state agencies to recognize water as a human right when drafting policies.

Once enacted, it would make Virginia the fourth state to recognize water as a human right. »