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Sunday February 7th, 2021 morning edition

image for Don Cheadle says he had two hours to decide if he wanted Marvel role after Terrence Howard was fired after Iron Man

Actor Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, has said that he had two hours to decide whether he wanted the part or not.

The role was previously played by Terrence Howard in the first Iron Man movie, but the actor was removed from the franchise because of contractual disputes.

They want to talk to you, but they want to offer you the part.’ I don’t think it was (Kevin) Feige.

But they said, ‘Hey, this is the role.

So I go back inside, and I’m ducking behind things, playing laser tag, and talking to my wife.

Do you want to do something like this?’ I said, ‘I kind of do.’ She said, ‘Well, then take a flier.

Cheadle, did, however, mention that he’d tried out for the part when it was first being cast as well. »

New study finds number of Americans in extreme mental distress now 2x higher than 1993 (6.4% vs 3.5%)

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Launched in 1984, the BRFSS is a monthly survey of hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states.

The data that the survey collects includes the respondents’ health-related risk behaviors, health conditions, and use of various services.

They classified respondents who gave the highest possible answer (i.e. 30 days out of 30) as being in extreme distress. »