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Sunday February 7th, 2021 evening edition

image for Trump aides made a late request to Team Biden to extend their parental leave. They said no.

The official added that “appointees have been advised that they have options including COBRA and the Affordable Care Act.”.

For Ambrosini and others, those options were not enough to navigate an already difficult situation.

Former Trump officials face an uphill climb finding a job in a Washington, D.C., where the federal government is run by Democrats.

No one’s going to be willing to hire me right this second because I’m still home with the baby, so it’s tough.”.

Still, experts on parental leave policy say that the cases of these Trump officials shows the holes that still exist in the social safety net.

As political appointees, they should have been aware that all benefits could end on Jan. 20 as the administration they served potentially came to a close.

The experts also said that the Biden administration is under no legal obligation to grant Trump officials their leave. »

Gendered Deference: Perceptions of Authority and Competence among Latina/o Physicians in Medical Institutions

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Prior studies note that gender- and race-based discrimination routinely inhibit women’s advancement in medical fields.

Taking demonstrations of gendered deference and demeanors are vital to transforming medical schools and creating more inclusive spaces for all physicians and patients.

Conclusions are based on experiences reported in interviews with 48 Latina/o physicians and observation in their places of work in Southern California. »

Haiti Braces for Unrest as President Refuses to Step Down

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“The Haitian people deserve the opportunity to elect their leaders and restore Haiti’s democratic institutions,” Mr. Price added.

Mr. Moïse has led by presidential decree since last year, after suspending two-thirds of the Senate, the entire lower Chamber of Deputies and every mayor throughout the country.

Haiti now has only 11 elected officials in office to represent its 11 million people, with Mr. Moïse having refused to hold any elections over the last four years. »

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley used campaign funds to pay for $197 in food during family Universal Studios trip

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FEC records show Hawley used campaign funds to pay for food for his family during a lobbyist retreat at Universal Studios.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, who has been in the spotlight in recent days for stirring up Trump supporters who breached the Capitol, is attracting scrutiny for using campaign funds to pay for food for his family during a lobbyist retreat outing at Universal Studios Orlando.

Hawley and his family visited Universal Studios as part of a family-friend lobbyist retreat to Orlando in February 2020. »

Tim Berners-Lee's plan to save the internet: give us back control of our data

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Now, in an effort to return the internet to the golden age that existed before its current incarnation as Web 2.0 – characterised by invasive data harvesting by governments and corporations – Berners-Lee has devised a plan to save his invention.

But Berners-Lee’s answer to big tech’s overreach is far simpler: to give individuals the power to control their own data.

Applied to all web users, data sovereignty means giving individuals complete authority over their personal data. »