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Friday February 5th, 2021 morning edition

image for Parler CEO Says He Was Fired by Board After He Proposed Cracking Down on QAnon, Terrorists and Hate Speech

Former Parler CEO John Matze said he was terminated Jan. 29 by the board, which he said is “controlled by Rebekah Mercer,” the GOP donor who is among Parler’s investors.

The news was first reported by Fox Business.

“I got dead silence as a response, and I took that dead silence as disagreement,” he told the Times.

Apple “looked at the incitement to violence that was on [the Parler app] and… we don’t consider that free speech,” CEO Tim Cook said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” last month.

A few days after Parler was booted from the app stores, Amazon’s AWS division terminated Parler’s hosting services contract, citing nearly 100 examples of violent threats on the app.

Parler sued Amazon for breach of contract, but a federal judge denied the company’s request for a preliminary injunction to force AWS to reinstate service.

Parler had styled itself as a free-wheeling haven for conservatives and an alternative to mainstream social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which have enforced rules prohibiting hate speech and incitement to violence. »

Deputy who killed himself left haunting videos on racist policing, division: 'I've had enough'

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Before deputy Clyde Kerr III took his own life Monday outside the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, he left haunting final words in a series of social media videos.

The videos show a man who professed he was upset by the state of society: “I’ve had enough.”.

But in his videos Kerr insisted, repeatedly, that his decision to kill himself was a conscious choice made in his right mind as a “protest.” »

Doctor in charge of treating Alexei Navalny in Russia after Novichok poisoning dies suddenly

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A doctor who was in charge of treating Alexei Navalny in Russia soon after he was poisoned with novichok has died suddenly aged 55.

Dr Sergei Maksimishin who was in charge of treating Alexei Navalny in Russia soon after he was poisoned with novichok has died suddenly aged 55.

Maksimishin died in the intensive care unit where Navalny was treated and it is not believed he contracted Covid-19. »

Hayao Miyazaki Got So Bored with Retirement He Started Directing Again ‘in Order to Live’

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Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki revealed in October 2017 that Hayao Miyazaki was ending his retirement from directing after four years in order to leave behind a feature film project for his grandson.

Suzuki explained in a television interview, “Miyazaki is making the new film for his grandson.

So he started with making a short film for the [Ghibli] museum, and then he went on to making his new feature-length film.”. »

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