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Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 day edition

image for Romney: Disingenuous to criticize Democrats after big spending under Trump

“When we had a Republican president and House and Senate, we kept on spending massively and adding almost a trillion dollars a year to the national debt.

Now we say this is outrageous adding so much to the debt?

They say we did the same thing when we were in charge.

It does show that you have to be consistent in your arguments,” Romney said on the “Utah Politics” podcast.

The remarks come as the GOP raises alarm over a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package being pushed by President Biden.

Biden in a call with Senate Democrats on Tuesday urged senators to "go big" and move quickly to pass a COVID-19 relief bill.

Biden signaled he is open to some of the Republican senators' ideas but told lawmakers his clear preference was for Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion package. »

Capt Sir Tom Moore dies at 100 after testing positive for Covid

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Moore was admitted to Bedford hospital on Sunday after having been treated for pneumonia for some time and testing positive for Covid-19 last week.

The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, tweeted: “Captain Tom Moore put others first at a time of national crisis and was a beacon of hope for millions.

The NHS, for which Sir Tom raised millions of pounds, tweeted: “Thanks for everything Sir Tom.” »


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WWE Smackdown star Dylan Miley, aka Lars Sullivan, is gone World Wrestling Entertainment, can exclusively confirm.

Today, WWE officially confirmed to that Sullivan is no longer with the company.

After spending time in WWE developmental, Miley debuted as Lars Sullivan in May 2017. »

No Senate Republicans voted to advance the stimulus package that'd give most Americans $1,400 one-time checks

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No Republicans voted to advance the measure, which was introduced by the Democratic majority.

Senate Republicans issued a mass rebuke of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package on Tuesday night, with none voting to advance it.

In a strict party-line vote, all 50 Senate Democrats voted to advance a budget resolution to speed the aid package through Congress without Republican support. »

Big name corporations more likely to commit fraud

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They were then compared to a control sample of firms that were not named in SEC fraud filings.

Clear trends emerged in the risk of fraud including corporations that were listed in the Fortune 500, traded on the New York Stock Exchange and had strong growth expectations.

The researchers noted that this type of elite, white-collar crime is understudied especially when compared with street crime even though it has more wide-reaching consequences. »