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Monday February 1st, 2021 day edition

image for Military stages coup in Myanmar, detains Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar military television said Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 that the military was taking control of the country for one year, while reports said many of the country’s senior politicians including Suu Kyi had been detained.

An announcement read on military-owned Myawaddy TV said Commander-in-Chief Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing would be in charge of the country for one year.

It was a dramatic backslide for Myanmar, which was emerging from decades of strict military rule and international isolation that began in 1962.

For some, Monday’s takeover was seen as confirmation that the military holds ultimate power despite the veneer of democracy.

It is just one of many parts of the charter that ensured the military could maintain ultimate control over the country.

On Saturday and Sunday, however, the military denied it had threatened a coup, accusing unnamed organizations and media of misrepresenting its position. »

Biden reverses Trump last-minute attempt to freeze $27.4 billion of programs

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President Biden on Sunday sent a letter to congressional leaders reversing former President Trump Donald TrumpBiden reverses Trump last-minute attempt to freeze .4 billion of programs Trump announces new impeachment legal team after reported departures Republicans scramble to unify heading into next election cycle MORE's last-minute attempt to freeze $27.4 billion in government programs.

Trump had moved, with less than a week left in his term, to freeze the billions in federal funding using a budget maneuver called rescission.

“I am withdrawing 73 proposed rescissions previously transmitted to the Congress,” Biden said in the letter. »

GameStop cofounder Gary Kusin said it was an 'honor' retail investors targeted the company: 'I just grabbed some popcorn'

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The elder Kusin told CNBC it was a "a little bit of an honor" that investors targeted GameStop.

A cofounder of GameStop and his family appear to be closely following the firm's exploding share price.

Ben Kusin, whose father, Gary, cofounded GameStop, had been an active member on the Reddit forum cheering on and fueling the company's spectacular rally. »

Comcast’s data caps during a pandemic are unethical — here’s why

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To put it bluntly, for Comcast to brazenly exploit American consumers during a pandemic is the height of business immorality.

Last year, at the start of the pandemic, Comcast decided to remove data caps for all customers for two months.

The letter claimed that Comcast’s premise that data caps would only affect a small portion of customers was false. »

Non-clinical psychopathic traits linked to support of violent social change

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The study, which has been published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences, suggests that people who lack consideration for others’ wellbeing are more prone to political radicalization.

The researchers found no evidence that psychopathic personality traits were associated with support for moderate non-violent collective actions, such as attending a demonstration.

But Besta and his colleagues found that some of the psychopathic traits were linked to support for group violence and radical group actions. »