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Sunday January 31st, 2021 night edition

image for Explaining to your child why behavior is wrong may not always work

The findings indicate both positive and negative outcomes that could have lasting consequences on children’s emotional development.

Verbal reasoning was associated with higher levels of getting along with others, but also with increased aggression and higher levels of distraction.

For nonviolent discipline, which involved verbal reasoning and taking away privileges, mixed outcomes occurred, Grogan-Kaylor said.

Verbal reasoning did promote one positive result: Children were more prosocial with others, especially in countries where this discipline was more common.

Surprisingly, verbal reasoning also increased aggression, likely in cases when the parents used harsh tones and language, the study suggested.

Meanwhile, children did not get along with other children and showed higher levels of aggression and became distracted when parents took away privileges.

Co-authors included Berenice Castillo, Garrett Pace, Kaitlin Ward, Shawna Lee and Heather Knauer of UM-Ann Arbor and Julie Ma of UM-Flint. »

New Zealand Prime Minister Says Borders Will Remain Closed to Tourists Until Citizens Are Vaccinated

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"New Zealand will only truly feel like it returns to normal when there is a certain level of normality in the rest of the world too," Ardern said.

The thought that the island nation will remain closed off for the bulk of 2021 was jarring, but Ardern explained it with scientific-backed reasoning.

"We know there are a large number of countries that are in much more dire situations than New Zealand," she said in her video. »

Italy permanently halts arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

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Italy has halted the sale of thousands of missiles to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to their involvement in the Yemen conflict, making permanent an 18-month temporary suspension.

Italy’s latest figures – dating to 2019 – show Saudi Arabia and the UAE ranked 10th and 11th in the list of the biggest markets for Italian arms exports.

Exports to Saudi Arabia were worth 105.4 million euros ($128m), while those to the UAE were worth 89.9 million euros ($109.1m). »

Lawyers, Law Students Officially File Grievances Seeking To Disbar Senator Ted Cruz

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Lawyers and law students are seeking to disbar him with a set of grievances filed Thursday with the State Bar of Texas.

They say Cruz and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley made false statements about the 2020 election, violating the ethical standards of the profession.

She says to make their case, those filing grievances need to argue that precise words and actions Cruz used violated specific conduct rules. »