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Sunday January 31st, 2021 day edition

image for Ikea bought 11,000 acres of forest in Georgia to protect it from development

(CNN) An investment group of Swedish retail giant Ikea has acquired forestland in southeast Georgia to protect the land and its diverse ecosystems from development.

The Ingka Group, which owns and operates most Ikea stores, purchased 10,840 acres of land near the Altamaha River Basin, the company announced on January 14.

"We truly believe responsible forest management is possible and we see that a large part of our responsibility towards the land we own -- and by extension the planet -- is to restore forests and plant more than we harvest," Ingka Investments managing director Krister Mattsson told CNN.

"In all our properties nature conservation is important.

In this particular US investment in Georgia, first it is important that the land cannot be broken up into small units and it remains forever forestland.".

The land, acquired from non-profit conservation organization The Conservation Fund, is home to more than 350 plant and wildlife species -- including the endangered longleaf pine and gopher tortoise -- which are now protected. »

Neuroscience study indicates that LSD “frees” brain activity from anatomical constraints

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The psychedelic state induced by LSD appears to weaken the association between anatomical brain structure and functional connectivity, according to new research published in the journal NeuroImage.

But we think that a complementary way to obtain insights is to study states of altered consciousness, such as the psychedelic state induced by LSD.”.

Luppi and his colleagues used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the structural and functional brain connectivity of 15 healthy volunteers during two separate sessions. »

Biden starts staffing a commission on Supreme Court reform

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The Biden administration is moving forward with the creation of a bipartisan commission to study reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.

“He will also be an influential figure within the Supreme Court building,” Goldsmith wrote in 2018 about Kavanaugh in a Time article titled, “Brett Kavanaugh Will Right the Course of the Supreme Court.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday he was waiting for Biden’s commission to decide a path forward on reforms to the Supreme Court. »

Woman who said she wanted to shoot Pelosi during Capitol riot arrested

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“We broke into the Capitol … we got inside, we did our part,” Bancroft said in the video, according to the complaint.

“We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her.”.

When interviewed by the FBI around Inauguration Day, Santos-Smith initially told authorities she attended Trump’s rally but did not enter the Capitol building. »