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Friday January 29th, 2021 evening edition

image for 'Cry Me a River': Sanders Hits Back as Billionaire Investor Whines About Potential Tax Hikes Amid GameStop Fiasco

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a longtime proponent of raising taxes on billionaires like Cooperman, was not impressed.

We will make Wall Street billionaires pay their fair share of taxes and create an economy that works for all of us.".

"Oh look, another billionaire is mad that he might have to pay more taxes while children in America go hungry and veterans sleep on the street.

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"If the working class could bail out Wall Street," Gunnels said, "Wall Street can bail out working families in America during a damn pandemic.".

"We have plenty of roads and bridges to repair and a vastly outdated transportation system," Carter wrote. »

Russia has been cultivating Trump as an asset for 40 years, former KGB spy says

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Yuri Shvets told The Guardian that the KGB had identified Trump as a potential asset in the 1980s.

The KGB cultivated Donald Trump as an asset for 40 years, and he proved a highly valuable asset in repeating anti-Western Russian propaganda in the United States, a former KGB operative told The Guardian.

Shvets told The Guardian that the KGB had identified Trump, then an up-and-coming property developer, as a potential asset in the 1980s. »

Florida Republican Wants to Exclude Felons From Minimum Wage Increase Because Florida Republicans Are Terrible People

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Sen. Jeffrey Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) Photo : Is it just me, or do Florida Republicans just really hate not being evil?.

On Thursday, a Florida state senator from the Republican Order of the Sith proposed a measure that would block felons from being included in the $15 minimum wage increase that the state approved last year.

This week, like clockwork, the state Republican Party—dominated by pro-Trump apparatchiks and a smaller Libertarian-minded wing—has launched its plan to kneecap the minimum wage increase, which passed with over 60 percent approval. »

San Antonio 10 year old cashes in GameStop stocks

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Stock talks this week are centering on small investors, but Jaydyn might be the smallest and youngest, at least in San Antonio.

The now 10-year-old fifth grader is reeling from the excitement of selling his first set of stocks amid the GameStop trading frenzy.

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