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Monday January 25th, 2021 day edition

image for Seth Rogen and Ted Cruz Have Been Trading Insults on Twitter for Days Now

Seth Rogen apparently really wanted to let Sen. Ted Cruz he thinks he’s a “fascist” so he fired off a tweet.

But rather than simply ignore it, the Texas senator answered back and the two have been trading insults on Twitter for days now. »

A quarter of all known bee species haven't been seen since the 1990s

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The number of bee species recorded worldwide has been sharply decreasing since the 1990s.

They found that there were a quarter fewer species reported between 2006 and 2015, as compared with the records we have from before 1990.

It may not necessarily mean unrecorded bee species are extinct, but they are now rare enough that people who tend to report bee sightings aren’t encountering them. »

Chicago teachers vote to teach from home, defying district

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District officials have said a union vote to disobey the order to return to schools on Monday would violate the contract.

They argue that if the district tries to punish teachers for staying home Monday, then the district would be responsible for a work stoppage.

The district on Friday said it would begin vaccinating teachers and staff starting in mid-February and that the process would take months. »