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Sunday January 24th, 2021 night edition

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(CNN) The Justice Department revealed new charges against a Texas man who allegedly participated in the Capitol attack and posted online death threats against Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a US Capitol Police officer.

Garret Miller of Texas faces five criminal charges stemming from the Capitol insurrection, including trespassing offenses and making death threats.

Miller allegedly tweeted, "assassinate AOC," according to court documents.

He also said the police officer who fatally shot a Trump supporter during the attack "deserves to die" and won't "survive long" because it's "huntin[g] season.".

Prosecutors said in newly released court documents that Miller posted extensively on social media before and during the attack, saying a "civil war could start" and "next time we bring the guns.".

He was arrested on Wednesday, according to the Justice Department.

Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to keep him in jail pending trial, and a detention hearing is scheduled for Monday. »

The Pentagon Could Use a Course in Basic Citizenship

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20% of the Arrested Capitol Insurrectionists Have Military Backgrounds; Top Brass Need to Teach Enlistees What They Are Defending.

The more we look at the Jan. 6 Insurrection at the Capitol, the more we see attackers with military experience.

Simply put, the military needs to teach basics to our volunteer army to ensure that the troops know what they are defending. »

Calls grow for 9/11-style panel to probe Capitol attack

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Gen. Russel Honoré, whom she tapped to lead a rapid review of Capitol security to thwart a future attack on the seat of democracy.

The GOP bill, authored by Davis, calls for a 10-member panel known as the “National Commission on the Domestic Terrorist Attack Upon the United States Capitol.”

Five people died in the attack, including a Capitol Police officer; scores of other officers were injured. »

TIL Susan Travers, the only woman ever to serve in the French Foreign Legion, waited until she was 91 to write her autobiography so everyone mentioned had already died

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Susan Travers (23 September 1909–18 December 2003) was an Englishwoman who was the only woman to serve officially with the French Foreign Legion.

With the German invasion of Denmark and Norway, she retreated from Denmark to Finland.

She then escaped by ship to Iceland and returned from there to England where she joined General Charles de Gaulle's Free French forces. »

Tanzania took 27 million Euros from the European Union, embezzled it and then declare the country as Coronavirus free

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But authorities in Tanzania have not released official figures on the extent of the outbreak there.

Back in May 2020, President Magufuli declared the pandemic in Tanzania officially over and said people should resume normal lives without even having to wear facemasks.

Tanzania took 27 million Euros from the European Union, ate it and then declare the country as CoronaVirus free. »