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Sunday January 24th, 2021 evening edition

image for President Trump Reduced Legal Immigration. He Did Not Reduce Illegal Immigration

President Trump entered the White House with the goal of reducing legal immigration by 63 percent.

Trump was wildly successful in reducing legal immigration.

President Trump also entered the White House with the goal of eliminating illegal immigration but Trump oversaw a virtual collapse in interior immigration enforcement and the stabilization of the illegal immigrant population.

Thus, Trump succeeded in reduce legal immigration and failed to eliminate illegal immigration.

In response to the recession and the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump virtually ended the issuance of green cards to people abroad.

As with immigrant visas, President Trump virtually ended NIV issuance in response to the recession and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although Trump succeeded in cutting legal immigration more than he initially planned, he oversaw the collapse of interior immigration enforcement. »

Police arrest 320 of UK’s most dangerous child sex offenders since first lockdown

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Investigators have arrested 320 of the UK's most dangerous child sex offenders since the first coronavirus lockdown, it has been revealed.

The figures were released as the Home Office launched a national initiative focused on collecting more detailed data about child grooming gangs.

Out of the 320 arrested as part of the operation tracking the most dangerous child sex offenders, 122 were targeted by NCA officers. »

Conservatives’ support for refugees spikes if newcomers expected to back GOP

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A survey of over 800 white Americans revealed that respondents on the right and left were sensitive to the political repercussions of admitting newcomers likely to vote Republican, though liberals overall were more accepting of immigrants regardless of their anticipated political views.

However, liberal support for Republican-voting refugees didn’t fall to the same degree that conservative support for them rose.

Partisanship and Attitudes toward Refugees” was published on Nov. 30 in Social Science Quarterly and authored by Richard Hanania, Columbia University. »

Joe Biden Canceled Keystone XL. Indigenous Leaders Demand the Same for the Dakota Access Pipeline

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On his first day in office, President Joe Biden issued an executive order to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Indigenous and climate justice groups are now urging him to do the same with the Dakota Access pipeline.

Jodi Archambault, can you talk about this distinction, why you understand Keystone XL was stopped, but not Dakota Access pipeline, and what your demands are?. »