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Saturday January 23rd, 2021 evening edition

image for Microsoft president Brad Smith candidly confesses politics are pay-to-play in response to criticism over the company's donations to lawmakers who objected to US election results

Microsoft president Brad Smith defended the company's political contributions, CNBC reported.

Microsoft paused donations amid criticism of its gifts to GOP lawmakers who objected to election results.

But Smith said donations are vital for getting invited to events so Microsoft can lobby lawmakers.

Not because the checks are big, but because the way the political process works," Smith said, according to CNBC.

"Politicians in the United States have events, they have weekend retreats, you have to write a check and then you're invited and participate.".

Read more: Joe Biden touts transparency, but his presidential inauguration spending remains a money mystery as organizers won't disclose who's cashing in.

In 2020 alone, Microsoft gave $88,000 to lawmakers up for election who eventually objected to Electoral College results. »

Critics say green policies stifle growth. The opposite may be true.

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Environmental regulation can in fact increase worker productivity and overall capital accumulation, according to new research from Italian economists, with green taxes having the largest potential effect on productivity.

“Obviously because it will help the environment, but also because it might provide a lot of employment and GDP growth.”. »

Dear Mr. President: You inspired us — but "unity" with Republicans and Trumpists is a trap

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When Joe Biden became president of the United States at 12 noon on Wednesday, they could finally let out a sigh of relief.

Biden's approach rewards bad behavior and does not force a new maturity or wisdom onto Trumpists, Republicans and other unrepentant elements of the right.

Many Republicans also believe that Donald Trump is innocent, despite the obvious evidence that he incited insurrection and violence. »

A Republican House member has already filed impeachment resolution against Joe Biden

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Meanwhile, an out Democrat is trying to pass a bill to deny Greene security clearance because of her association with bizarre conspiracy theories.

In announcing her resolution for impeachment (HR 57), Greene accused Biden of a “pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President.”.

The resolution for impeachment came on the same day that Media Matters published a report on Greene’s social media activity. »