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Friday January 22nd, 2021 day edition

image for Last Trump Job Approval 34%; Average Is Record-Low 41%

His 41% average approval rating throughout his presidency is four points lower than for any of his predecessors in Gallup's polling era.

The 34% job approval rating for Trump in Gallup's Jan. 4-15 poll is one point lower than his prior lowest single rating, registered on several occasions in late 2017.

Full trend on Donald Trump's job approval rating as president.

Trump began his presidency with a 45% job approval rating.

Trump is the only president not to register a 50% job approval rating at any point in his presidency since Gallup began measuring presidential job approval in 1938.

His initial 45% job approval rating proved to be his high point for his first year as president.

Explore President Trump's approval ratings and compare them with those of past presidents in the Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center. »

Why Are Conservatives So Angry Biden Denounced White Supremacy?

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Tucker Carlson devoted an entire segment to angrily denouncing Biden for opposing white supremacy, which he interpreted, not unreasonably, as a veiled criticism of himself and his most fervent supporters.

And at no point did Biden say, or even imply, that all — or even most — Trump supporters are racist.

Carlson, MacDonald and Paul heard Biden denounce white supremacy, and decided he was talking about them. »

Survivors demand Marjorie Taylor Green resign over more school shooting conspiracy comments

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School shooting survivors as well as Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action – gun control advocacy groups that formed in the wake of several mass killings – have called for her resignation this week.

He also wrote to the congresswoman: “Why did you call the shooting at my high school a false flag?

It appears you think or at one time thought the school shooting in Florida was a false flag. »

White House communications director: 'Biden is not going to be breaking news at 1am on Twitter'

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“Trump gathered so many followers and generated so many clicks by putting forth this really divisive, often hate-filled shock content.

So, we were never going to try to out-do him in that, that's not true to who President Biden is.”.

Psaki held the Biden White House’s first press briefing Wednesday, hours after Biden was sworn in, and pledged to return to daily briefings under the Biden administration. »

Overweight and healthy is a big fat lie, obesity study finds

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Joggers who jiggle should stop fooling themselves: the idea that you can be chubby but healthy is false, a study suggests.

“One cannot be fat but healthy,” Alejandro Lucia, of the European University in Madrid, who led the study, said.

“Our findings refute the notion that a physically active lifestyle can completely negate the deleterious effects of [being] overweight and obesity.”. »