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Wednesday January 20th, 2021 morning edition

image for Biden must purge military and law enforcement of white nationalists.

If so, these threats might simply end upon Wednesday’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, who has called for unity and decency.

This threat was present before the Trump administration began and will not disappear with Biden in the White House.

Federal investigative agencies have long known, yet refused to address, the infiltration of white supremacists in law enforcement agencies.

Just last summer, law enforcement officers told militia members, “We appreciate you,” before Kyle Rittenhouse killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Insurrectionists and white extremists walked cavalierly through the halls of Congress after breaching security, carrying a Confederate flag, appearing to assume that they would be welcomed by law enforcement.

At the state and local levels, law enforcement agencies and their oversight bodies must investigate and hold accountable law enforcement employees who participate in white supremacist organizations or hold white supremacist views, whether they were present at the attack on the Capitol or not.

And we must radically transform our system of public safety to address the structural inequities in law enforcement strategies, reducing the scope of law enforcement officers in Black and brown communities and investing in services that address communities’ underlying concerns. »

Trump is officially the most unpopular president since modern polling began in the 1930s. It will forever be his legacy

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And here is a fact most will assuredly cite: Trump was consistently the most unpopular president since polling began.

Future historians will probably debate many points about the presidency of Donald J. Trump for a very long time.

This makes him the most unpopular president since Gallup began measuring presidents in 1938, and four points lower than the second-most unpopular president, Harry Truman. »

US soldier arrested in plot to blow up NYC 9/11 Memorial

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US soldier arrested in plot to blow up NYC 9/11 Memorial.

A U.S. Army soldier was arrested Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, in Georgia on terrorism charges after he spoke online about plots to blow up New York City's 9/11 Memorial and other landmarks and attack U.S. soldiers in the Middle East, authorities said. »

Justice Thurgood Marshall Profile - Brown v. Board of Education Re-enactment

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Arguably, Marshall's introduction to law came in high school when, as a punishment for a prank he had pulled, the school's principal made him read the U.S. Constitution.

Thurgood Marshall died in 1993, leaving behind a legacy that earned him the nickname "Mr. Civil Rights."

Before his funeral, his flag-draped casket was laid in state in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court. »

I tried a $7,600 desk that lets you get horizontal at work

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But what if you could work in a more comfortable bed-like position when you're well enough to be in the office?

That's the premise of the Signature Altwork Station, a painstakingly-designed, highly-adjustable steel-frame desk made by a company in Sonoma, California that retails for $7,650.

Voigt told me he knew for a fact that some were not mentioning their medical spine conditions as reasons to get the desk in their testimonials: that work ethic at work again. »