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Sunday January 17th, 2021 evening edition

image for Biden Team Unveils 10-Day Timetable to 'Reverse' Trump Admin's 'Gravest Damages'

He will also issue a mask mandate on federal property and during interstate travel.

They are among roughly a dozen actions Biden will take on his first day in the White House, his incoming chief of staff, Klain said.

On his second day in office, Biden will sign executive orders to tackle the COVID-19 crisis in order to safely reopen schools and businesses, Klain wrote.

On Friday, he added, Biden will direct his Cabinet agencies "to take immediate action to deliver economic relief to working families bearing the brunt of the coronavirus crisis.".

"These executive actions will deliver relief to the millions of Americans that are struggling in the face of these crises," Klain said in the memo.

"President-elect Biden will take action—not just to reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration—but also to start moving our country forward.".

Klain wrote that "full achievement" of the Biden-Harris administration's goals will require support from Congress, including on the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Biden outlined this week. »

Ted Cruz's former staffers say they are 'disgusted' by his role in the US Capitol insurrection and his unflinching support of Trump, report says

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Ted Cruz is under fire for spreading election misinformation, objecting to the results of the 2020 election being certified, and having fundraised during the US Capitol insurrection.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's former staffers are "pretty disgusted" by the recent actions of their former boss, according to New York Magazine's Intelligencer.

Ever since last week's US Capitol insurrection, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has faced accusations of inciting the violence. »

Two female judges shot dead in Kabul as wave of killings continues

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Two female judges working for the Afghan supreme court have been shot dead in Kabul, according to officials, as a wave of assassinations continues to rock the country.

In recent months, however, suspected Taliban militants have targeted and killed several prominent Afghans including politicians, journalists, activists, doctors and prosecutors.

(1/2) The United States condemns today's assassinations of female supreme court judges and calls for a prompt investigation. »

Emotionally neglected or severely sexually abused girls report riskier sexual behavior

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The findings highlight the need--and suggest the potential for tailored approaches--to promote healthy sexual development in vulnerable populations.

The four categories are low maltreatment, moderate emotional neglect only, severe physical and emotional abuse, and severe sexual abuse.

The study examined how different categories of maltreatment were related to changes in risky sexual behaviors between ages 13 and 23. »

Major NRA donor to challenge gun group's bankruptcy over alleged fraud

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A major donor to the National Rifle Association is poised to challenge key aspects of the gun group’s bankruptcy filing, in an attempt to hold executives accountable for allegedly having defrauded their members of millions of dollars to support their own lavish lifestyles.

The law stipulates that debts acquired through malfeasance can be deemed by the court to be an exception to bankruptcy arrangements.

The New York attorney general has also vowed to fight to stop NRA leaders escaping the legal consequences of their actions. »