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Saturday January 16th, 2021 evening edition

image for Capitol rioter known as "QAnon Shaman" will be jailed until trial

Chansley, who is also known as Jake Angeli, was also indicted on four misdemeanor counts.

Prosecutors say Chansley, a well-known fixture at Arizona pro-Trump rallies, is a "self-proclaimed leader" in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

Images of a shirtless Chansley storming the Capitol wearing horns, a fur coyote tail headdress and face paint, carrying a bullhorn and a spear, quickly went viral on social media.

"Chansley also used his bullhorn to communicate that they were there to take out several United States congressmen," the filing says.

The memorandum also says "while officer Robishaw was attempting to quell the crowd, Chansley was using his bullhorn to incite it.".

Hundreds more charges are expected as federal investigators comb tips, video and social media to identify and arrest suspects across the country.

A team of senior federal prosecutors are investigating more serious charges including sedition and conspiracy related to the "most heinous" acts at the Capitol, Sherwin said Tuesday. »

Despite Parler backlash, Facebook played huge role in fueling Capitol riot, watchdogs say

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Hacked GPS metadata analyzed by Gizmodo shows that "at least several" Parler users managed to penetrate deep inside the Capitol.

Parler played a role in the "organizing" of the siege and amplified calls to violence but "it wasn't just Parler, it was social media platforms across the board," Getachew said.

But available data suggests that Facebook played a much larger role than Sandberg suggested. »

Georgia prosecutor seriously considering a criminal investigation into Trump's election interference, report says

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Fulton County's district attorney is seriously considering launching a criminal investigation into President Donald Trump, according to The New York Times.

This follows calls by a watchdog group and Democratic lawmakers to have Trump investigated for interfering in the 2020 election.

Prosecutors in Georgia are moving closer to opening a criminal investigation into President Donald Trump, according to The New York Times. »

Universal basic income doesn’t impact worker productivity

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workers with a universal basic income did not reduce the amount of effort they put into their work, according to an experiment conducted by Spanish economists, a sign that the policy initiative could help mitigate inequalities and debunking a common criticism of the proposal.

The foundation aimed to understand how automation and universal basic income may impact entrepreneurs, companies and the public sector.

Researchers recruited 900 individuals to take part in the experiment, 59% of whom were female and 98% of whom were university students. »