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Monday January 11st, 2021 day edition

image for In blow to Trump, golf’s PGA strips major championship from Trump-owned course

In blow to Trump, golf’s PGA strips major championship from Trump-owned course The 2022 PGA Championship will no longer be held at Trump Bedminster.

Holding the tournament at Trump Bedminster, Richerson said, would be "detrimental" to the PGA of America's brand and put the organization's ability to function "at risk.".

Shortly after the announcement, the Trump Organization expressed disappointment with the move in a statement of their own.

"We have had a beautiful partnership with the PGA of America and are incredibly disappointed with their decision," said a spokesperson for The Trump Organization.

"This is a breach of a binding contract and they have no right to terminate the agreement.

As an organization we have invested many, many millions of dollars in the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster.

It was not immediately clear whether the PGA of America has found a replacement venue. »

Parler CEO Says Service Dropped By “Every Vendor” And Could End His Business

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Parler CEO John Matze said today that his social media company has been dropped by virtually all of its business alliances after Amazon, Apple and Google ended their agreements with the social media service.

Matze conceded that the bans could put the company out of business while raising free speech issues, calling it “an assault on everybody.”.

The remarks come a day after Amazon dropped Parler from its servers, joining Apple and Google. »

Pelosi: MAGA Mob Was ‘Organized’ and ‘Directed to Get People’

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While walking through her ransacked and vandalized office, Pelosi told journalist Lesley Stahl that evidence shows people in the mob were focused on finding “get[ting] people.”.

Some in the mob of the president’s supporters came equipped with bulletproof vests and zip-tie-style handcuffs, potentially to take hostages.

And the mob came dangerously close to reaching lawmakers as they evacuated from their respective chambers to a safe location. »

Trump’s Effort To Overturn The Election Should Be Investigated Like 9/11

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The crisis Trump initiated needs to be examined with the equivalent of the 9/11 Commission established after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The similarity flows from the way that both events demand public understanding and accountability.

Both revealed vulnerabilities in our customs and procedures that many people did not sufficiently appreciate until disaster struck. »