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Thursday January 7th, 2021 morning edition

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If we are not very careful, it will also be a terrible moment of opportunity for President Donald Trump.

The violence Trump incited could be his pretext for further abuses of presidential power.

As so often with Trump, he has indicated the plan in advance: Use the Insurrection Act to somehow interfere with the transition of power.

In institutional self-defense, Trump must be impeached again and this time removed.

That’s the same Mark Levin who wrote an article urging Congress to challenge the results of the 2020 election, an article approvingly tweeted by Trump on December 30.

They are the monsters incubated, birthed, nurtured, fed, trained, and now loosed by Trump and by his enablers in politics and the media. »

US Capitol protest: Police took selfie with rioters in DC chaos

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But questions are being raised on social media about how seriously some police officers took the incident, given vision that has emerged.

A clip posted on TikTok from the scene shows police removing barriers to allow the rioters to continue towards the Capitol steps.

In addition, footage streamed live from inside appears to show police posing for selfies with members of the group. »

W.Va. delegate, just sworn in, was among the mob storming U.S. Capitol

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A newly-elected member of West Virginia’s House of Delegates was among the mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol today.

Derrick Evans, R-Wayne, livestreamed and then deleted videos from inside the Capitol, but others took screenshots and videos of the original videos.

In one, he is shoots cell phone video out into the Capitol interior while surging through a door. »

The Pentagon Has 6 Months to Disclose What It Knows About UFOs

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Some of that information includes what the Pentagon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its counterparts know about unidentified aerial phenomena -- also known as "anomalous aerial vehicles."

Lawmakers expect to see a report on the collected UFO data 180 days from the bill's passage, according to the legislation.

Read Next: National Guard to Deploy on DC Streets as Congress Meets to Affirm Biden's Victory. »

Impeach Trump Immediately

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When the violent chaos that has been unleashed on the United States Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump is brought under control, the House should immediately impeach Trump for inciting insurrection and the Senate should act just as quickly to remove the defeated president from office.

But Trump, who spent much of the morning inciting the crowd, in person and on social media, did not immediately tell his followers to leave the Capitol.

The House should immediately proceed to vote on Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.”. »