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Wednesday January 6th, 2021 morning edition

image for Despite more than 12 years of data supporting HPV vaccine being safe and effective against genital warts and cancer, a new study found that Facebook posts help facilitate the belief that HPV vaccine is dangerous to health, with nearly 40% of posts about HPV vaccine amplifying a perceived risk.

HPV is associated with health problems including genital warts and cancers, but a vaccine has been available since 2006 to help stop the virus.

The CDC reports more than 12 years of data supports the HPV vaccine is safe and effective, yet HPV vaccination rates across the U.S. still remain low.

Social media has a history of being a popular place for sexual health discussions, and the HPV vaccine is one of the most discussed vaccines on the internet.

In a previous study, Luisi used these Facebook posts to identify a negative trend on Facebook related to how people perceive the HPV vaccine.

Now, she suggests this negative trend on Facebook may also cause people to develop a false perception of the health risk of the vaccine.

“Facebook remains a very popular social media platform for adult audiences, which necessitates action to address HPV vaccine risk messages,” she said.

“From bad to worse II: Risk amplification of the HPV vaccine on Facebook,” was published in Vaccine. »

Mike Pence ‘has told Trump he cannot overturn election result’

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Vice president Mike Pence is said to have told Donald Trump he does not have the power to overturn the 2020 presidential election result - just hours before he is scheduled to preside over Congress’s ratification of Joe Biden’s victory.

The New York Times reported that on Tuesday, Mr Pence told Mr Trump he did not have the authority or power to block Mr Biden’s passage to the Oval Office.

It said Mr Pence, an evangelical Christian and the former governor of Indiana, told the president over lunch, shortly after the president appeared to cajole him on Twitter. »

No, Trump won’t be golfing in Scotland on Inauguration Day, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says

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Well, Scotland’s first minister has blocked the latter under the country’s pandemic travel ban. “

‘Coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose.’ ”.

Nicola Sturgeon addressed the rumors that Trump planned to fly into Scotland the day before Biden’s Inauguration during the Scottish government’s coronavirus update on Tuesday. »

Half of Teachers Did Not Return to Chicago Public Schools as Ordered on Monday, District Says

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Just over half of all teachers ordered to report to Chicago Public Schools on Monday did not show up to prepare for in-person instruction as the district rolls out its reopening plan, CPS says.

"We have sent notices to staff who did not return to ensure that our expectations are clear.

The school district released an eight page response Sunday in which it addressed the concerns brought up by the aldermen. »