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Sunday January 3rd, 2021 day edition

image for Organic meats found to have approximately the same greenhouse impact as regular meats

A trio of researchers from the Technical University of Munich, the University of Greifswald and the University of Augsburg have found that the meat production process for organic meats produces approximately the same amounts of greenhouse gases as does the conventional meat production process.

As the planet continues to warm, researchers continue working to better understand the sources of greenhouse emissions.

In this new effort, the researchers looked at greenhouse emissions related to food production.

In looking at food production, the researchers placed food products into three main categories: conventional meat production, organic meat production and plant-based food production.

The data revealed little difference in greenhouse gas emissions from conventional meat production and that grown organically.

They also found that organically grown chickens produced slightly more emissions than those grown conventionally, and that organic pork produced fewer emissions than conventional pork.

They calculated such a tax for conventional beef would raise its price by approximately 40% while organic beef would see a price increase of just 25% (because it is already more expensive than regular beef). »

Larry King has been hospitalised after contracting COVID-19

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Larry King has been hospitalised after contracting coronavirus, reports say.

As Showbiz 411 report, King’s wife Shawn King and sons Chance and Cannon are currently unable to visit him due to COVID-19 protocols in California.

In 2020, King suffered a stroke, and has previously suffered a heart attack, as well as prostate and lung cancer. »

Growing list of Canadian politicians caught travelling abroad despite pandemic

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TORONTO -- An expanding list of Canadian politicians are in hot water after being caught vacationing or travelling abroad amid a worsening COVID-19 pandemic at home.

“At that time I should have said ‘get your backside back into Ontario’ and I didn’t do that,” Ford said.

I have never asked Albertans to do things that I myself would not do – and that includes not travelling.". »

Thousands of National Guard Troops Prepare to Support Biden's Inauguration

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Soon, thousands of National Guard members will descend upon Washington, D.C. to begin preparing to support the 59th presidential inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden.

But the D.C. National Guard, which is responsible for identifying requirements and requesting support from other states, is planning for all contingencies, Clapper said.

-- Matthew Cox can be reached at [email protected] Related: Thousands of Guard Troops Pull Out of DC as Peaceful Protests Continue. »

A smartphone-read ultrasensitive and quantitative saliva test for COVID-19

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Quantitative reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) is the primary means employed to diagnose COVID-19 using respiratory samples, and saliva (5, 6).

Comparison of CRISPR-FDS results for paired saliva and nasal swab samples obtained from a cohort of 31 individuals screened for COVID-19 (Fig.

(D) CRISPR-FDS analysis of SARS-CoV-2 viral load distributions in paired saliva and nasal swabs samples from 103 individuals undergoing screening for COVID-19. »