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Friday January 1st, 2021 morning edition

image for Desalination Breakthrough Could Lead to Cheaper Water Filtration

The idea seems simple — push salty water through and clean water comes out the other side — but it contains complex intricacies that scientists are still trying to understand.

The research team, in partnership with DuPont Water Solutions, solved an important aspect of this mystery, opening the door to reduce costs of clean water production.

The researchers determined desalination membranes are inconsistent in density and mass distribution, which can hold back their performance.

Uniform density at the nanoscale is the key to increasing how much clean water these membranes can create.

The paper documents an increase in efficiency in the membranes tested by 30%-40%, meaning they can clean more water while using significantly less energy.

That could lead to increased access to clean water and lower water bills for individual homes and large users alike.

They modeled the path water takes through these membranes to predict how efficiently water could be cleaned based on structure. »

Women should decide whether to legalize abortion, Mexican president says

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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico’s president said on Thursday that women should decide whether the country should legalize abortion, but he declined to take a position on the issue, which is still opposed by many Mexicans.

One day after the Argentine Senate voted to make abortion legal, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was asked during a news conference whether he thought his country should follow suit.

Sticking to his traditional approach, he said there should be a public consultation, given that the matter was controversial. »

McConnell again blocks quick vote on $2,000 stimulus checks, slams 'socialism for rich people'

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The comments were his most direct to date on his opposition to President Trump's request that stimulus checks be boosted from $600 in the recently passed stimulus.

McConnell also Wednesday emphasized that just this week the president signed a $900 billion stimulus package that included "targeted" stimulus efforts.

Soon after Schumer spoke, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., also moved to quickly vote on the House bill for stimulus checks. »

Hospital worker arrested after allegedly leaving hundreds of COVID vaccine doses out of refrigerator on purpose

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The Wisconsin hospital worker accused of intentionally removing 57 vials of a COVID-19 vaccine from a pharmacy refrigerator has been arrested, local police announced Thursday.

The worker had already been fired by the Aurora Medical Center, which said it was forced to throw out more than 500 doses of the vaccine as a result of the incident.

The hospital launched an investigation and was originally led to believe inadvertent human error was to blame, reported CBS Chicago. »