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Thursday December 31st, 2020 night edition

image for Fungi That 'Eat' Radiation Are Growing on the Walls of Chernobyl's Ruined Nuclear Reactor

What's more, the fungi seemed to be growing towards sources of radiation, as if the microbes were attracted to them!.

The ISS environment exposes inhabitants to between 40 and 80 times more radiation than on Earth.

Back on Earth, Dadachova noted in a 2008 paper that Chernobyl's radiation-loving fungi are almost certainly not the first examples of their kind.

"Large quantities of highly melanized fungal spores have been found in early Cretaceous period deposits when many species of animals and plants died out.

This period coincides with Earth’s crossing the “magnetic zero” resulting in the loss of its “shield” against cosmic radiation.".

This raises an intriguing possibility – perhaps there are places in the cosmos where melanin-containing organisms thrive in environments awash in radiation?

Wherever there is energy to be harvested, life might just find a way... »

Oxygen supply issues forced five Los Angeles-area hospitals to declare an 'internal disaster'

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(CNN) Oxygen supply issues led at least five Los Angeles County hospitals to declare an "internal disaster" Sunday, which included turning patients away.

There are multiple issues involving oxygen delivery to patients, but generally the problem is not an absolute shortage of oxygen, according to Dr. Christina Ghaly, Los Angeles County Health Services director.

The oxygen issues come as Los Angeles County sees a near-overwhelming surge of Covid-19 patients taking nearly every hospital to capacity. »

‘Affront to justice’: UN condemns Trump’s pardon of Blackwater guards who massacred Iraq civilians

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The four contractors, who worked for the private security firm Blackwater, owned by the brother of the president’s education secretary, were included in a wave of pre-Christmas pardons announced by the White House.

Mohammed Kinani, the father of the youngest victim, nine-year-old Ali, said Mr Trump “broke my life again” on learning of the pardons.

“These pardons violate US obligations under international law and more broadly undermine humanitarian law and human rights at a global level.”. »

The Labor Market Impact of Immigration: Job Creation versus Job Competition

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Immigration leads to the creation of additional jobs but also raises competition for natives.

The dominant effect depends on the fall in wage costs, which is larger for undocumented immigration than it is for legal immigration.

The model predicts a dominating job creation effect for the former, reducing natives' unemployment rate, but not for the latter. »