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Thursday December 31st, 2020 day edition

image for At Least One Person Is Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Attending That Republican Christmas Party With A Conga Line

Now at least one person who attended the party is hospitalized with the virus, according to a report from Queens Daily Eagle .

Remember the recent viral video showing maskless people dancing their butts off in a Christmas Party conga line to the Bee Gees?.

the Whitestone Republican Club in NYC apparently held a Christmas party this year without a care in the world about COVID.

"It was a wonderful time and a great party, but I’m not happy I got sick," Trent told the Eagle.

Vickie Paladino, who is running for a spot in New York's city council, leads the conga line behind a man carrying a Trump 2020 flag.

The Whitestone Republican Party also posted a message on its Facebook page after the video went viral.

The Eagle reported that it is aware of at least two other guests who tested positive for the coronavirus after the party. »

Secret Service making changes to presidential detail amid concerns current members are aligned with Trump: report

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The Secret Service has faced scrutiny in recent months following reports that some agents were told by members of the presidential detail to forgo masks when around Trump.

David Cho, who helped lead the protective detail during the current administration, will also reportedly help lead the presidential detail for the incoming administration.

A former Secret Service executive told the Post it’s “smart to give the incoming president the comfort of the familiar.”. »

Antibiotics banned in UK but fed to US animals ‘may undermine drugs for cancer, Covid and infections’

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The research concluded simply banning hormone-treated beef and chlorine-washed chicken would not be enough to protect UK consumers if a trade deal is agreed between the UK and the US.

The report identified 10 antibiotics banned in Britain that are used to promote animal growth or kill parasites on US factory farms rearing cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys.

“In one case (that of carbadox) the principal concern is not antibiotic resistance, but the drug’s carcinogenic properties and the potential for residues in pig meat. »

Quoth the Raven: It Was Actually Rabies

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A hopeless alcoholic, Poe died at age 40, drunk in a gutter in Baltimore, a victim of his debauched lifestyle.

Poe had been seen in a bar on Lombard Street, disheveled and delirious, but it is well established that he died in the hospital.

Still a swift and brutal killer, only six people to date have survived a rabies infection after showing symptoms. »

Spain: Village Villar de Corneja celebrates New Year at 12 noon

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The average age of the residents is over 80 years, said Mayor Carmen Hernández Interview with radio station Cope.

Because of the high average age, the new year is no longer greeted with sparkling wine, but with cider from Sidra, she said.

"We will celebrate New Year's Eve at noon until the village no longer exists," said Hernández. »