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Monday December 28th, 2020 evening edition

image for Should senators be allowed to trade stocks at all? Amid the obvious conflicts, probably not

For perspective, Perdue's thousands of transactions account for almost a third of all trades by U.S. senators disclosed during that period.

Collectively, Perdue's active trading and concentrated positions raise both conflict of interest and insider trading concerns.

Senators owning stock in the companies they oversee creates an obvious conflict of interest between their personal portfolios and their duties to the public.

He made many of these trades while sitting on a cybersecurity panel — and as FireEye landed millions in federal contracts.

Similar conflicts exist with his trading in the stock of financial services companies including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Regions Financial.

Although no other senator churned a financial portfolio quite like Perdue's, other senators deserve criticism as well.

While these possible costs are real, the wealthy and powerful do not lack for representation in Congress. »

2-Acre Vertical Farm Run By AI And Robots Out-Produces 720-Acre Flat Farm

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However, flat farms still use a lot of water and land, while a Plenty vertical farm can produce the same quantity of fruits and vegetables as a 720-acre flat farm, but on only 2 acres!.

Vertical farming exists because we want to grow the world’s capacity for fresh fruits and vegetables, and we know it’s necessary.

The conditions are so good that the farm produces 400 times more food per acre than an outdoor flat farm. »

400 United Steelworkers on strike at Alabama aluminum plant

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (AP) — More than 400 United Steelworkers members are on strike against the French manufacturer Constellium over what the union on Thursday called unfair labor practices at an aluminum factory in northwest Alabama.

Pickets held signs outside the plant, which previously was owned by Wise Alloys and Reynolds.

In a statement, Constellium said the Alabama plant had offered a “very competitive agreement, which provides regular pay raises, strong healthcare and other benefits, as well as ongoing training and development opportunities.”. »

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research study finds honeybee venom rapidly kills aggressive breast cancer cells

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The research was published in the journal Nature Precision Oncology It found honeybee venom was effective in killing breast cancer cells.

It found honeybee venom was effective in killing breast cancer cells Researchers say the discovery is exciting but there is a long way to go.

The study also found when the venom's main component was combined with existing chemotherapy drugs, it was extremely efficient at reducing tumour growth in mice. »

Early Childhood Antecedents of Dehumanization Perpetration in Adult Romantic Relationships

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Drawing on a sample of 109 MLSRA participants, multiple assessments of maternal care and empathy were collected during infancy and early childhood.

In adulthood, MLSRA participants and their romantic partners engaged in video recorded conflict discussions in which dehumanization perpetration was coded.

Feeling less than human: Exploring the causes and consequences of dehumanization from the target’s perspective [Doctoral dissertation, Macquarie University]. »