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Saturday December 26th, 2020 day edition

image for In 2021, we need to fix America’s internet

Today, I pay $100 a month for Comcast internet, and the cable company’s speeds leave something to be desired.

Now, I have to pay extra for unlimited so I don’t rack up overage fees every single month.

The company’s fiber network offers 1,000Mbps downloads and 1,000Mbps uploads for $70 a month, no data cap whatsoever.

The only problem is that AT&T doesn’t actually serve my address... even though it continues to insist it does.

We pay twice as much as Europe for high-speed internet — before you even count caps and fees.

The internet was already a powerful tool for learning, but now it’s a critical one for kids to attend school.

That’s how we’ve always dealt with necessary monopolies, the ones that own the pipes and wires that feed your house. »

Coronavirus: France finds first case of new variant

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Coronavirus: France finds first case of new variant Published duration 5 hours ago.

France has confirmed the first case in the country of the more contagious coronavirus variant recently identified in the UK.

The appearance of the new coronavirus variant in England triggered travel curbs with dozens of countries. »

Nearly a million people flew in America on Christmas Eve

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The Christmas Eve figure does not signal the end of the holiday travel rush , but rather a lull before people who left town for the Friday holiday begin coming home.

Christmas Eve follows six straight days of US air travel numbers near or more than a million passengers.

The number of people who flew on Christmas Eve is a third of the same day a year ago when more than 2.5 million people flew. »

Underwater Meadows of Seagrass Could Be the Ideal Carbon Sinks

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Ecosystems capable of absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide know as “carbon sinks” are ideal for this.

In principle, all living organisms – all animals, plants, algae and bacteria – consist of carbon and so function as a carbon sink.

So while a forest is a moderately efficient carbon sink, its capacity to retain carbon in the forest floor is limited. »