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Thursday December 24th, 2020 morning edition

image for Democrats Are Telling Georgians To Dump Their Republican Senators If They Want More Aid

The Democrats running in Georgia, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, immediately announced that they supported the president’s call.

But on this point, tonight, he’s right,” Ossoff said in a CNN interview on Tuesday night.

McConnell reportedly urged Republican senators to support another round of direct payments because Loeffler and Perdue were “getting hammered” for the monthslong delay in aid, like direct payments, for Americans.

After Trump’s announcement, Loeffler told the press that she would “look” at supporting increasing direct payments “if it repurposes wasteful spending.”

“These two senators have been in DC, and in some instances they’ve been creating roadblocks and in the opposition.

“I need two senators from this state who want to get something done — not two senators who are just going to get in the way.

The campaigns plan to continue criticizing Perdue and Loeffler over the issue in the final days ahead of the election. »

Experiencing the illusion of having an opposite-sex body in virtual reality can shift aspects of gender identity

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An experiment involving the illusion of owning an opposite-sex body led people to embrace a more equal identification with both genders.

The researchers wanted to explore whether a full body ownership illusion — an experience that simulates owning a different body than one’s own — would influence an individual’s gender identity.

A final experiment further showed that the opposite-sex body illusion can influence subjects’ explicit gender-related beliefs about their own personality. »

Daft Punk releases new extended version of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack

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The soundtrack for Tron: Legacy, originally written and recorded by EDM duo Daft Punk, now has a new rerelease on Spotify and Apple Music that includes the full original score and nine additional tracks.

This new version of the soundtrack, which is being called the “Complete Edition,” was released to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the movie’s release.

Alongside it being loved by both Daft Punk fans and fans of good music in general, the soundtrack also garnered a Grammy nomination. »