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Wednesday December 23rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Family outraged that LAPD officers won’t face charges in shooting that killed Trader Joe's manager

Since then, her father and brother have been searching for answers as to why their loved one, a bystander in the entire ordeal, was killed.

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Corado's family said they believe the LAPD is using Atkins as a scapegoat, to make themselves out as "the good guys," Corado's brother said.

"LAPD has been trying to create, maintain and direct a narrative that would free them from responsibility of use and force," Taylor alleged.

• LAPD releases new video in chase, shooting that killed Trader Joe's manager.

"The family’s rights, the innocent victim, the only family that has suffered a loss, has a right to those same documents.".

The family questioned whether charges would've been filed should the victim have been white or a child. »

Trump's surprise demand for $2,000 stimulus checks blew up Mitch McConnell's master plan and leaves him in a no-win situation

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday night launched a surprise push to hike the stimulus checks in the COVID-19 relief package to $2,000 per person from $600.

Democrats cheered his demand, piling pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and leaving him in a no-win situation.

Democratic leaders cheered Trump's announcement, saying they supported $2,000 checks and noting that Republicans had blocked earlier proposals with bigger checks. »

Masks not enough to stop COVID-19's spread without distancing

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WASHINGTON, December 22, 2020 -- Simply wearing a mask may not be enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 without social distancing.

Every material tested dramatically reduced the number of droplets that were spread.

But at distances of less than 6 feet, enough droplets to potentially cause illness still made it through several of the materials. »

In new court filing, Bill Barr accused of arresting impeachment witnesses to shield Trump

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Parnas argues that his indictment last October was part of an intervention by Barr "to protect the President and thwart [Parnas'] potential testimony in the impeachment inquiry.".

The two men were arrested just hours after meeting with Giuliani at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

According to the court filing, Giuliani was originally supposed to join Parnas and Fruman on their trip to Ukraine, but canceled earlier that day. »