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Monday December 21st, 2020 morning edition

image for The committee remains disappointingly predictable

College Football Playoff committee chair Gary Barta breaks down why Ohio State and Notre Dame were chosen for the final two spots of the CFP.

Welcome once again to the Alabama-Clemson College Football Playoff invitational, where it hardly seems to matter who earned the "right" to take on the two clear favorites to make the national championship game.

Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Oklahoma have combined to take 20 out of 28 possible spots since the playoff began in 2014.

College Football Playoff College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T.

ET on ESPN and the ESPN App College Football Playoff Semifinal at The Rose Bowl Game.

ET on ESPN and the ESPN App College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Allstate Sugar Bowl Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans).

We have seen this four-team playoff in action for seven years now, and it has never been more predictable. »

Comedian Eddie Izzard gets wave of support for using she/her pronouns

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Comedian Eddie Izzard has received praise and support after explaining on a British show that her pronouns are she/her.

Izzard was featured as the portrait subject for an episode of Sky Arts' "Portrait Artist of the Year," during which she explained that from now on she'd be using she/her pronouns.

Holder asked Izzard how she felt using the pronouns. »

Star Wars Novelists Seek Years of Missing Royalty Payments From Disney

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Alan Dean Foster’s copy of ‘Star Wars’ was signed by Carrie Fisher, George Lucas, Harrison Ford and others.

Then, in 2012, Walt Disney Co. DIS -0.38% bought Lucasfilm Ltd.—and the royalty checks stopped.

Mr. Foster, who is well-known to longtime Star Wars fans, says Disney is ignoring the workaday players who help build intergenerational connections to beloved characters. »

Anti-vaxxers should forgo ventilators, German doctor says

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"Whoever wants to refuse the vaccination outright, he should, please also always carry a document with the inscription: 'I don't want to be vaccinated!'"

I want, if I get sick, to leave my intensive care bed and ventilator to others.".

Researchers worldwide, he said, have "stepped up the pace at a huge expense, but not at the expense of safety.". »

New study links psychopathic tendencies to racial prejudice and right-wing authoritarianism

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The findings indicate that people with calloused, deceitful, and manipulative interpersonal styles are more likely to endorse right-wing authoritarianism and express hostile attitudes towards marginalized groups.

When I began studying this personality disorder more in my graduate training, I noticed a paucity of literature relating psychopathy to prejudice.”.

Psychopathy is particularly relevant to prejudice given that facets of the disorder, such as callousness or lack of empathy, are predictive of prejudicial tendencies.”. »